How You Learn to Install Natural Stones Yourself

You can learn to install natural stones yourself. Sometimes you only need to install a little bit of natural stone, so it is not effective if the handyman works. For example, there are only a few stones that are loose, or the stone on the edge of the area is broken. Generally. we have to work in the office our so that we often don’t have the time that fits the handyman. While the area that needs to be renovated in the inner area of the house. Sometimes you provide time on Saturdays and Sundays, but handyman can only work on weekdays. Therefore you need to learn to install natural stones yourselves.

The masons understand the procedures for installing natural stones. But most natural stones masons receive orders for installation with a minimum area covered by natural stones in our homes. This is because most masons take into account time, energy and costs including transportation costs. If we want to learn to install natural stones ourselves, we need knowledge, materials, and tools.

Materials and Equipment for Learn to Install Natural Stones

Our first step requires natural stone. You can choose natural stones that are suitable to be installed in parts of your home. Many natural stone models, you can adjust your taste according to the shape, size, base color. Of course, you can choose several types for one installation area.

You calculate the area to be installed by natural stone. This is so that natural stone sellers can estimate the amount of natural stone that you need. It’s a good idea to choose a natural stone seller near your house or have a stone cutter. If you need a small piece of natural stone then natural stone sellers can help and not far from home.

You really don’t need much-supporting materials and equipment. You only need a small cement mixer, cement, ruler elbow, straightening board, thread, and nails.

Steps for Learn to Install Natural Stones

You choose and prepare the location to be installed in natural stone. Your settings specify the area to be installed and buy natural stones, you need to consider the treatment of the area. There is a difference if you put it on a neat wall with a neatly plastered wall. If the walls of our house have been plastered and painted, you need to remove some of the cement attached to the wall. This is so that when we attach the natural stone to the wall, natural stones can stick firmly and not easily peel off.

You need to install threads along the edge of the wall area. The goal is to install the thread so that when arranging natural stones can be straight and neat looking. Nail to link the threads.

Before installing natural stones, you should soak or wet natural stones with water. If the natural stone model is rather wide, then you can put the cement on natural stone evenly and paste the natural stone on the wall. You arrange stones as a benchmark. You can beat the natural stone slowly to adjust the height and neatness. The height of natural stone can be sorted according to the benchmark thread as well as along the edge of the area. To ensure natural stone height neatness, you can use a straightening board.

You need to clean the remnants of cement that comes out on the edge of the natural stone. And you can continue to install the following stone gradually until it’s finished.

After Installing

After installing a few meters, you should clean the surface of the natural stone from dirt from the remnants of cement. That is because if you leave the remnants of cement for too long then the cement will harden on the rock surface. This results in dirty natural stone covered with cement. You just need to clean using water and brush or foam. Once clean, you can continue to install the next natural stone.