Identify Pests in Your Home as a Pest Control Measure.

You should periodically identify pests in your home to anticipate the impact of the geographical location of the house and changes in the home ecosystem.
Identify pests in your home is a step to pest control your home. Changes in summer, for example, will affect the habitat of pests which will then affect the dominance of pests in your home.

identify pests in your home
identify pests in your home

Why do you need identify pests in your home? How much is the effect of pests on our homes?

Identify pests in your home as a pest control measure has many functions, even becoming very important for the house in the affected area. The functions of pest identification in the house are as follows.
Prevent damage to furniture and household appliances made of wood.
Disturbing the comfort of the house because of the smell that is caused and dirty.
Disturbing health for contaminating food and drink.
Prevents damage to building structures and decreases in home values.

Identify Pests in Your Home: Termites and Fly Ants

Ants and termites have similar body shapes. You need more precision to distinguish between them. Most of us have never seen termites. Termite body shapes often look like ants so often late detected when house damage has occurred. Termites are known as white ants by some people. This is often a mistake in distinguishing between termites and ants. However, the most striking difference between termites and ants is that termites have a waist that is much thicker than ants.

Termites and ants potentially threaten the safety of our homes. There are some similarities between the two pests, but the negative impacts resulting from termites are more serious and destructive than ants.
In this case, you need to ascertain whether these are termites or ants that invade your home building.

Termite is a pest that is famous for its ability to damage the structure of the house.
The situation will be more difficult when termites eat from the inside and very rarely seen on the surface of the furniture to find food. You will be late to realize that there are damages caused by termites in your home. Termites can damage many parts of your home, such as door frames, furniture, wooden frames, and roofs. The financial losses incurred by these pests become enormous.

Distinguish between Termites and Fly Ants

Body shape.
Termites have a creamy, dark brown, long and oval shape, have a straight antenna, have 6 feet and a wing of the same size. Ants have wings that are not the same length with legs. Ants also have a blend of red and black and have an antenna that is not straight.

For those of us who are still difficult to distinguish between termites and ants, there are some tips below that we can follow:

Termites eat wood and cellulose, while ants will eat sweet foods as well as proteins and dead animals.

Termites are commonly found in basements or structures and can be found when they have damaged buildings. Termites hide in the hallway from exposure to light and dry. While the ants are more easily found and seen anywhere.

A small termite form with a length of only 0.4 m.m often leaves us unaware of the dangers of the presence of termites. With more than 350,000 the number of termites in a colony will be able to damage your home and you can imagine the risk of structural damage to buildings that will arise threatening at any time.

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