Install Natural Stones Without Handyman

If you have trouble getting a handyman then you can install natural stones without handyman. You only need to understand the procedures for installing natural stones. After that, slowly learn you will be able to install natural stones without handyman.

You can install in many areas of your house. This is because natural stones have various models, so you can adjust to areas that will be fitted with natural stones. Even in various homes, people are able to compose natural stones so that they become stunning home ornaments. You can start from things that are easily affordable, for example the walls of houses, fences, home walkways, or roads in the garden. For ornamental garage floors, you should make a solid floor first.

Materials and Tools Needed to Install Natural Stones Without Handyman.

To install natural stones without handyman, you need natural stone, cement, water, and simple builder equipment. You should buy natural stones that fit the area of your home. Of course you can install several models in one area. For example on the edge of your natural stone measuring box blackish model while the middle part of your area choose round reddish natural stone.

It’s a good idea to buy natural stone near your house and have a stone cutter. This is if you choose a wide natural stone model then you need a small stone to tidy up the edges. You can choose instant cement which has a strong adhesive if you install natural stone on an erect wall. This is so that natural stone is not easy to peel.

You need cement mixer carpentry equipment, ruler elbows, straight rulers, hammers, threads and nails. Next you can do the installation in ways like below.

How to Install a Natural Stone Without Handyman.

First, you have determined the location that natural stone will be installed. You need to calculate the area to be installed by natural stone, and determine the model of natural stone design. The condition of the area must be taken into consideration. You need to peel off some of the plaster walls if the walls are perfectly plastered. The purpose of peeling off a part of the plaster wall is so that when you install natural stone it will become strong sticking.

You need to install threads along the edge of the area as well as measuring natural stone heights. This is so that when you install natural stone it will be neat straight and the height is maintained equally. Nail for connecting the ends of the thread.

Before installing natural stones, you should wet natural stones first. Attach the natural stone to the wet cement that you have applied. Cement should not be too soft. Place the natural stone on the cement evenly. You can beat slowly using a hammer until the natural stone has a flat height. You keep the thread as a guide to edge constraints and height.

Clean the remnants of cement that melts at the edge of the stone before continuing to install the next stones. This is to make the next stone easy and neat and clean stone arrangement. You also need to clean the stone surface from the remnants of cement after a few meters. Clean enough to use water and brush, cloth or foam. Once it’s clean enough, you can continue to install the next stones.

Finished Installing Natural Stones

After you have finished installing natural stone, wash the surface of the natural stone clean and do not leave any cement stains on the surface of the natural stone. Now you can enjoy the results of your hard work in installing natural stones without handyman.