Installing Natural Stones to Beautify the Landscape

You can install natural stone to beautify the landscape. The park gives a natural and harmonious impression. To install natural stone to beautify the landscape, you can choose various types and colors of natural stone. Of course, you have to adjust to the design of the park. Natural stone can be an option in indoor or outdoor garden design.

natural stone to beautify the landscape
natural stone to beautify the landscape

We will share how to install natural stone to beautify the landscape. This is if you want to try it yourself. You can also use these methods to install natural stone in a garage, yard or bathroom for example. If installing natural stone around the pool will create a natural atmosphere, beautiful and healthier. This is because, in addition to having beautiful colors that vary, this coral stone also has benefits for the therapy launched blood circulation when setting foot on the floor. Here are tips to install natural coral stone to beautify landscape garden with coral stone.

Tips on Installing Natural Stones to Beautify the Landscape.

Floor and Design

You should set up the base/floor first. The floor should have a surface with a coarse texture so that the installation of natural coral stone can be firmly attached. You should also prepare the design carefully. This is because the design contains elements of art while installing natural stone will be permanent that is difficult to change.


You need to prepare a molded border for the resultant motif to install natural stone according to the design. You should coat the barrier with a lubricant, rubber or plastic so that it does not stick to when it is worn and is easily removed.

Cement / Adhesives

You can use cement, glue or without both. This adjusts the design and purpose of installing the coral. If you want to beautify the edge of the garden then you only need to sow coral stone without cement.

In order for the natural stone for the floor easily attached, you should use a dose of 1 to 1 between cement and sand.

You put the cement mixture into the mold until it is rather dense and flat. Try to keep no cavities inside the cement mix.

Structuring Natural Stone Coral Corals

After the cement mix is ​​evenly distributed, you can set the coral stone above it. Customize with your design. After finishing the stone, you need to press the surface of the newspaper with wood or multiplex evenly until dry.


You should clean the stone surface with a semi-wet cloth so that the remaining cement mixture attached to the coral surface is released. Try to clean for the overall motif of the coral can look perfect.


The final step, you can coat the surface of the natural stone with coating materials / natural stone coating to be brighter. The coating also has a purpose to be durable and protected from moss

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