Interior Design for Small Kitchen

If you have a narrow kitchen then you do not need to be anxious because it can use the interior design for small kitchen. Interior design for the kitchen has a purpose for your kitchen to be beautiful and feel comfortable. A comfortable kitchen will encourage the emergence of ideas and comfortable in preparing the cooking menu.

Often the kitchen has a double function, as a place to cook, dining room and chatting place for example. Therefore, you should organize the kitchen to allow the atmosphere with the family was fun.

interior design for small kitchen
interior design for small kitchen

In doing interior design for small kitchen, we can adjust to model kitchen set. We can choose one of the appropriate kitchen set models to include: kitchen island, straight kitchen, kitchen model L, or a custom kitchen set. Of course, each model has advantages and disadvantages.

Interior Design for Small Kitchen to be Beautiful and Comfortable

Make the Most of Vertical Fields

In a small kitchen, we can utilize the vertical plane to the maximum. The vertical field has a relatively large size. By utilizing the vertical field so the impression of your kitchen is maintained. You can install storage cabinets or cabinets on the top wall. While on the other side of the wall, you can install a hanging rack to put cups, glasses, pans and other small appliances.

Install Hanging Lamp or Chandelier

Hanging lights or chandeliers are better suited to illuminate a narrow kitchen than a ceiling lamp and wall. This lamp model is able to present the impression of a wider interior than the original and looks luxurious. Keep a bright light can affect the corners of kitchen space.

Make Kitchen Staining Look Balanced

You should choose a pattern of balanced staining in a small kitchen. Bright and neutral colors will give a broad impression. If you choose bright and balanced colors, the room is spacious and dynamic.

Beautify Panel Wall View

The kitchen can use wall panels to protect the wall behind the stove from fire and oil. Wall panel kitchen can also make it easier for us to clean the area that is often dirty food scraps. The kitchen can apply this panel behind the dishwasher sink as a backsplash to avoid water splashes and high humidity. You can create wall panels with beautiful tiles.

Adjust Kitchen Set Size

The kitchen table has a function as a place to prepare food recipes, including cutting vegetables, meat and mixing spices. You can choose or make a relatively small kitchen table as needed. If you do not use kitchen equipment, you should not put on the kitchen table but on the top shelf.

Optimize the existence of shelving

You can take advantage of wall shelves to add storage capacity in a creative way. For example, add a small hanging rack to hang small cookware and cutlery. You can also take advantage of the area under the kitchen counter for large or heavy cooking utensils.

Interior Design for Small Kitchen – Additional Notes

Take advantage of Space Next Door

If we can design space next to the kitchen then we can take some benefits, such as improving air circulation, giving the impression of the field, and give more light. You can design the space dividing wall to give a broad impression. If the room next to the kitchen is open space, you can give a door or a wide window to add air and light circulation.

Take advantage of Modern Kitchen Equipment.

Modern kitchen appliances generally have multiple functions in one type of tool. Therefore we can save the storage space so that space becomes wider. Modern kitchen equipment also has a beautiful design and looks luxurious.

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