Javanese beer. Healthy beer?

Java beer. Healthy beer

King Mataram In the area of Java Island also used to consume Java Beer which is different from the beer we already know. Named Beer Java because the results of this drink seem to look like beer. Java beer has a different efficacy than ordinary beer because it comes from the ingredients of the maker

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Beer is a popular drink already. The beer has been known to the ancient Sumerians in Mesopotamia since the third millennium BC. Egypt and Babylonia have enjoyed beer for a long time. The Babylonians are familiar with 19 kinds of beer. Beer makes it fermented so that the result contains alcohol.

Beer Containing Healthy Spices.

Java Beer is made from spice ingredients of Java Island. Although on the beer, this drink is no alcohol like beer in general.

Spices contained in beer is proven to maintain and treat various diseases. Complaints such as coldness, weakness, lack of energy, headache, or colds disappear after drinking Java Beer. The traditional Javanese beer beverage is very healthy and not intoxicating.

Mataram beers are well suited for cold areas (mountains) or warm areas.

Java beer made from spices ingredients include:

lime juice, sugar according to taste (or can use sugar), lemongrass leaves for garnish, clove flower, secang leather, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger (burn and bruise).

Steps to make a Javanese beer:

Boil water in a pan until boiling. Then enter all ingredients except lime and sugar and then wait until brown or red.

You can enter boiled water into a glass that has been given sugar cubes and lime juice. Use a lemongrass garrison as a sweetener.

You can serve this drink when it’s warm or cold. The presentation of Javanese beer in cold water keeps the Java Beer better and has the benefits to warm the body. If you want more to enjoy the natural atmosphere, you can use the rock sugar in appeal with sugar.

Java beer is rich in flavor because of the Javanese beer made from a mix of various herbs. For people who are unfamiliar with strong smells and flavors, this java beer is very impressive. This Java beer has a unique taste and seemed to enjoy the exotic beauty of another world. You will get a double benefit. You enjoy the exotic beauty of the other world and get the health of the body.

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