Get to know the Inner Lining Name of Jacket

You need to know the inner lining name of leather jacket. The inner lining material or interior material of the leather jacket has the function of making the wearer comfortable. Before buying a leather jacket, you need to know the inner lining name of jacket. This is to ensure you are comfortable wearing a leather jacket and not disappointed later on.

Leather jackets have a relatively expensive price. Therefore you should understand everything related to leather jackets before deciding to buy them. This includes recognizing the inner lining name of jacket.

Generally, the inner lining name of jacket is called the term furing, which means the inner lining of the jacket. The furing function is to add to the warmth and comfort of the jacket. So it is very common if the jacket uses furing or inner lining material or interior jacket material. Actually, few people know the type of furing except in sewing, or convection.

The Inner Lining Name of Jacket.

People buy leather jackets maybe for reasons of fashion, durability, durability and so forth. But when it comes to the comfort of a leather jacket, then you should pay attention to the size of the leather jacket that is suitable for you and the inner lining name of jacket. The presence of furing is what affects your comfort.

Mesh / Net material

Mesh material has the characteristics of being rather stiff but comfortable to wear because of its fish-like shape. So that it can easily absorb sweat or provide a gap in air circulation.

Polar material

Polar materials have fibers such as cotton on the inside and outside. This material has a rather thick and characteristic. So if a leather jacket that uses polar material furing is sure to be warm.

Cotton Material

Cotton is a material made of cotton fiber which can definitely easily absorb sweat. This material makes the skin feel cool when wearing it. Generally, many types of jackets use this material as furing from plain motifs and various motifs.

Satin Asahi Material / Asahi Material

Jacket manufacturers are most often using this material. Asahi material is a material that is specifically used for coatings, from layers of clothes, jackets, alma mater suits, pants, and bags. However, this material has higher heat compared to other furing materials. This material has a relatively cheaper price. Generally, this material is a solution for clubs that make jackets with limited funds.

Ero Material

Ero is the material that has the most fans for furing. This is because ero material has the characteristics of a smooth and soft material. However, ero materials have a more expensive price.

Many jacket manufacturers use several types of furing or Inner Layer Materials as we wrote above.

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