Komodo can Kill Large Prey. What are Komodo Dragon Weapons?

Komodo attack the prey by using Komodo dragon weapons. Not only that, Komodo dragons are able to face the harsh competition of predators with Komodo dragon weapons. Of course interesting to know what Komodo dragon weapons? With these weapons, the Komodo dragon is capable of killing large prey.

Komodo dragons can have a body of more than 3 meters. Adult body weight reaches 70-95 kg. Komodo has the ability to swim more than 300 meters in the sea. Komodo dragons can smell blood up to a radius of 7 km. These capabilities make Komodo dragons deserve the list of the most dangerous animals in the world.

Saliva – Komodo Dragon Weapons

Komodo dragons have saliva containing 60 deadly bacteria. Komodo dragons also have substances that inhibit blood clots in their victims. If Komodo bites its prey then saliva will hit its prey. Komodo dragons will be weak and helpless in a matter of days. Only Komodo dragon will eat it. Komodo dragons are able to paralyze their prey animals, including humans.

Komodo looking for prey by waiting for its prey off guard. For example, when hunting buffalo, the dragons will immediately ambush when the buffalo is off guard. Komodo will bite it, then release it. Komodo will let the buffalo flee, but Komodo dragons follow his footsteps by smelling his blood.

About 3-5 days when buffalo limp or dead from bacteria from saliva, that’s when the dragon will eat it.

So Komodo dragons are not like other wild animals like tigers, which directly attack and devour its prey right then and there. Komodo injures its prey and patiently waits for it to weaken or die.

Nail, Tooth and Tail – Komodo Dragon Weapons


Komodo dragons have five long and sharp nails. Her nails are able to make the skin of another animal injured.

Komodo using his nails when the position of the body upright or almost standing. Komodo does this when attacking prey. however, most dragons use their nails to fight with other dragons in the breeding season.


Komodo dragon is a dangerous weapon that is not less deadly. Although allegedly biting dragons are not as strong as other predators such as tigers, but Komodo dragons are still dangerous. Komodo dragons have teeth that are textured like shark teeth. That dragon has a sharp triangular shape and sharp.

Komodo dragons have a strong jaw structure. While the dragons to function to paralyze the prey. With a strong jaw and grip combination, Komodo dragons are able to release all the parts of their prey bodies and gobble them up. Komodo dragons are not to chew because the Komodo drags its prey like a crocodile.

Komodo dragons can tear the skin as hard as anything. This tooth structure has a saw shape. If the teeth are dislodged from too hard to grab the prey, it can grow again in just 3 days.


Komodo dragons have a very strong tail. Just like nails, usually, dragons use a whip tail while fighting with other Komodo dragons in the mating season.

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