Live Feed for Pets Increases Vitality. Crickets?

Hobbyists rarely provide live feed for pets. They generally provide feed in the form of a mixture of pellets or materials manufacturers who have been given a variety of nutritional adequacy. Live feed for pets can be crickets, earthworms, small fish, red ant eggs, red worms, shrimp, mice and others.

live feed for pets
live feed for pets

Crickets are generally regarded as insect pest mainly on agricultural fields. So, the crickets also included targets in the destruction of pests in agriculture. Crickets indeed are one type of insect is most often used by hobbyists and ranchers as natural feed for various types of birds, fish, sugar gliders, porcupines, and reptiles. Increasing interest in raising animals that consume crickets, the demand for crickets also increased.

Live food has benefits when given periodically. Live feed for pets increases the vitality of your pet. Your pet will be more energetic, more passionate, lively, lighter fur color, birds sound faster, improve the quality of bird sounds.

Generally crickets directly mixed in pellet feed or in the form of a powder that has been wrapped in a feed industry. The main reason for the selection of mixed feed crickets is practicality in its handling. Many fans of the bird, fish or reptiles chose occasionally gives live feed than the processed fodder factory.

Keep the crickets as bird feed supplies are very easy and do not require a vast place. In the maintenance of crickets to feed birds or more, there are a few important things to note. Among them is a condition of the enclosure where the enclosure should have the appropriate humidity levels and free from animal bullies. You need to control the humidity, especially when summer or winter by means of spraying and close. Actually a lot of crickets enemies among other cockroaches, ants, spiders. In addition, crickets can become cannibals if insufficient food availability.

In cultivating crickets there are some easy and practical ways of cultivation with the cultivation medium in the form of cardboard. Here are the details of manufacture.
First of all, you have to prepare equipment for cardboard as a medium cultivation of crickets. Materials: cardboard, paper/wood/triplex/wire/Styrofoam. The nail. Duct tape Brown plastic. Wood Glue. Cutter and scissors.

If you aim only supplying pet food for a certain period, the cage should be small. The cage adjusts to the period of repurchase needs. You can aim for crickets to multiply. If you have a goal to get crickets to breed, so no longer need to buy feed in the market or animal store then use a bigger box. You can assemble with size 50 cm x 60 cm x 120 cm.

Give insulation on the corners and the top of the box so the crickets do not creep out. Make a wooden cage foot as a base and on each foot give a bowl of salt water. This is to avoid interference ants and the like. You can also hang a cricket cage by smearing oil on the rope.

Give the dried leaves or pieces of cardboard in the cage crickets as a hiding place. Do not forget to feed regularly. Feeding can be from the remaining pieces of vegetable cooking, voor/pellets, corn and so on. If any rotten food remains in the cage immediately removed.

There are advantages of feeding this kind of life which is the secret of animal lovers, namely the method of loading gut. With this method, the crickets are more nutritious and can be a means of herbal treatment.
Gut loading is the process of feeding a higher quality and guaranteed to the animals that will be fed. The term is used for insects, such as crickets and mealworms, or rats used as pet food reptiles. Insects become more nutritious. By providing prey animals with high-quality diets, they become nutritious food for predators.

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