Maybe Your cat is pregnant. It Causes Cat Hair Loss.

The cat’s hair fall is a common thing. But, if there is an excessive fall you will be very disturbed. Cat fur will be scattered on the couch, carpet, and shirt. There are several causes of cat hair loss. Check out these four common causes.

Lack of nutrition.

The nutritional content of cat food must be complete. The feed should contain protein and vitamins A and E. Protein is a major component in the formation of cat fur. Expensive feed is not necessarily sufficient nutritional needs. One sign of nutritional deficiency is excessive hair loss. You also need to provide additional nutrients such as fish oil rich in Omega-3 content and good for the health of your cat’s fur.

Hormonal changes.

Hair loss may occur due to hormonal changes, such as in cats that are lust, pregnancy, and lactation. Hairs will usually return to normal when the kitten is weaned.


Allergies to cat skin can cause great hair loss. This condition causes your cat often scratching. Factors trigger allergies are many, including food, drugs, vaccines, or skin care products. Maybe, you want to replace and try organic cat products and food. 


Severe hair loss can also be caused by parasites, such as lice, mites, and fungi. Just for information, flea saliva can trigger allergies in the skin of cats. The presence of ringworm in cats will, in addition, make the skin make infections and feathers fall out badly.


The skin and fur of a cat are normally protective, regulating or controlling the cat’s body temperature. In cold temperatures, the fur will be a thick body to protect the cat body from cold temperatures. While in a hot environment cat fur hair will fall out, the goal for cat body temperature is not too hot. In this condition, fall or bristles are the body’s response to cat’s body thermoregulation.

Fur loss in cats can be influenced by one or more of these causes.

To find out how to overcome and stop the cat hair loss we present on the next page.

How to Handle and Stop Hair Loss Cat.

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