Minimalist Garden can Refresh House, Even though Land Is Limited

Generally, In urban areas, people have limited land for their homes.  Their homes often look arid because they do not have plants or gardens. Actually, there is no reason for that because you can make a minimalist garden. Although the land is limited, your minimalist garden can refresh the house.

Minimalist garden can refresh the house, especially in dense environments. The fresh atmosphere can reduce stress and unwind working all day. You don’t need to go spend money in a cafe, drink beer, or go to a discotheque for example. You only need to create an area for a minimalist garden. You will have a healthy body, a harmonious family and adequate finance.

The minimalist garden can refresh the house even though the funds needed are relatively small. Minimalist gardens also tend not to require much time for treatment. You only need a little free time after work or before leaving for work. You can choose a small garden design that only requires a week or monthly treatment. If you create this minimalist garden, the whole family will feel at home because the atmosphere of the house is comfortable.

Some Minimalist Garden Design Concepts

Minimalist garden can refresh the house – You can choose one of several garden design concepts below according to your taste. However, you don’t need to limit yourself too much in that design. You can change the garden design if you feel bored, want to change the atmosphere, or adjust to the theme of the house.

Minimalist Garden With Traditional Atmosphere

This park emphasizes the natural atmosphere. You fill this minimalist garden with natural materials and ornaments such as wood, natural stones, or ceramics. You can also complement traditional lights. This minimalist garden displays a harmonious relationship between natural ornaments and relatively large plants and vines. You need to complete this park with wooden platform floors sprinkled with natural stones. The park will be more beautiful with shower ornaments from jugs, for example. The minimalist garden will be perfect if you present a set of wooden chairs for families or guests.

Modern and Clean Minimalist Garden

This park presents a clean, neat open space with little / no large plants in the middle. You only take advantage of the contours of the home page. Trim the yard and plant it with garden grass. You need to add a neat little path. Large plants only decorate at the park boundary or near the wall. You can choose plants that don’t have much care so there is plenty of free time to rest. You who are very busy with work can choose this garden design.

Minimalist Garden on Vertical Walls

This minimalist garden utilizes a vertical wall with very little open space left. You can use a garden consultant to make wall decorations. Wall decorations can be simple or complex. You can choose a simple motif in the form of bamboo or wooden walls. Simple and bright decorative walls will show the room look wider. You can choose relatively small ornamental plants such as aglaonema or mini cactus. If you are busy, you should choose a mini cactus because of minimal maintenance. Mini Cactus has a relatively large variant so it will look beautiful with a combination of colors.

Minimalist Garden with Camping Atmosphere

You can try choosing a different minimalist garden design, for example with the atmosphere of camping. This park does not require a lot of decorations and plants. You only need a fireplace decoration or grill in the middle of the field. You can tidy up the soil as the main base or sand. This park looks beautiful with small plants neatly arranged. You can add a little furniture made of wood or stone.

Minimalist Garden With Minimalist Fish Pond.

This minimalist garden uses a fish pond as its main focus. Gurgling sounds of pool water can dampen dense urban noise. This park can use open space in front of the house, side or back of the house. Some garden floors can use wood floors and wood accents. Try not to cover the fish pond too much.

Oriental-style minimalist garden

You can try choosing a minimalist oriental style garden design. Oriental style in a minimalist garden emphasizes the decoration of bamboo and wood. You need to adjust furniture with bamboo or wood accents. Furniture should be simple and not high. You can add oriental decorations such as lamps and wall hangings. We recommend that you choose plants that have minimal maintenance and have special values.

Those are some minimalist garden designs that can help achieve the goal, namely the Minimalist Garden can Refresh the House. Of course, you can develop your own concepts that are in accordance with the inspiration, home management and availability of funds. For example, you want to create a design that is a combination of wood and stone, a combination of four elements, a tropical forest garden, and others.

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