Monkeypox Virus Infects Humans

Some time ago we heard the news that the Monkeypox virus infects humans who are citizens of England and Singapore. The Monkeypox virus infects humans after contact with animals carrying the virus. People call monkey pox because people first discovered this disease in monkeys.

After being first discovered in 1958, the monkeypox virus only appeared several times before the last appearance. The monkeypox virus infects human is a rare event. But actually, human monkeypox is endemic in the villages of Central and Western Africa. People often suffer from this disease because they make contact with infected animals in the suburbs of tropical forests.

Smallpox in Humans.

In many countries, the events of the monkeypox virus infect humans have never occurred. Countries generally know more about smallpox which infects humans. Smallpox that infects humans is smallpox or many people refer to it as Variola. This is because of the emergence of the obligation of immunization in infants.

Other smallpox which also infects more in various countries is chickenpox. This smallpox has a lighter level than smallpox. Although it contains the word chicken, it is not the chicken from this disease. This disease generally infects children. Some call it chicken pox.

There is another skin infection that infects toddlers by bacteria called Impetigo. And this disease infects children more often because of the intensity they play. Symptoms that appear almost similar to smallpox are blistering skin filled with fluid.

Monkeypox Virus Infects Humans: Causes

The zoonotic virus that causes Monkeypox disease. This virus is in animals then infects humans. Why can this virus infect humans? The monkeypox virus infects humans through direct contact, blood, body fluids, skin lesions, and mucosa of infected animals. This is what causes Monkey to become endemic to residents on the outskirts of tropical forests in Africa. Animals that can be the source of the monkeypox virus infect humans, among others, apes, a type of big mouse, squirrel Gambia, and types of rodents.

Preventing the Monkeypox Virus Infects Humans

We can prevent this transmission of the Monkeypox virus. Preventing the monkeypox virus infects humans by avoiding contact with monkeys, mice and other primates from wild forests. We must limit direct exposure to blood and meat. You must cook meat well. You should consume animal meat raised for endemic areas.

We also need to prevent the monkeypox virus from infecting humans from other humans. You must close physical contact with an infected person. You should also avoid contaminated ingredients. We recommend using gloves and protective clothing when you handle sick animals.