Mossy Natural Stones and How to Prevent Them?

Natural stone is a strong natural component. But natural stone faces several problems also depends on the weather, human activities and environmental factors. One problem that often arises is mossy natural stones.

Mossy natural stones often occur in natural stone for the exterior, for example, fences, pool edges, garden paths, etc. Natural stones can also occur in damp or often waterlogged interiors. This often happens for example in indoor parks, bathrooms, water reservoir corners, etc.

Moss becomes one of the causes of natural stones to become dull and look dirty. Even the natural stone installed on the floor causes slipperiness. This endangers the family who is residents of the house. Moss can grow on almost all types of natural stone. Moss spores will spread and grow quickly in the pores of natural stone in damp places. Therefore after the rainy season, generally moss will appear on natural stones.

We can prevent natural moss from being overgrown with moss. This is so that natural stone remains beautiful and the home environment does not look dirty. But if the moss has overgrown natural stone, then we must clean it. We need natural stone treatments to prevent the appearance of moss.

Caring for and Prevent Mossy Natural Stones.

We should treat natural stones to prevent mossy natural stones. We have to clean regularly and prevent old stagnant water in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčnatural stone. To clean natural stones regularly, you can use cleaning fluids for ceramics that are sold in many stores. You can also buy cleaning fluids specifically for natural stones. After making a cleaning solution, you can flush the surface of the natural stone floor. Brush the ceramic surface so that the dirt that sticks to the floor is lost and clean.

Mossy natural stones generally occur in stones that are installed as exterior elements such as fences, pool walls, and walkways. Too often exposed to rain and the frequent sticking of dust makes the natural stone moss easily. Dirt that sticks to natural stones will become a medium to stick to moss seedlings. Moss that grows on the surface and pores of natural stones will damage the beauty of natural stones. In addition, natural stone will be damaged quickly. Therefore we must prevent mossy natural stones by always maintaining the cleanliness of natural stones. Clean and dry natural stones will avoid moss seeds.

Cleaning mossy natural stones.

We can clean mossy natural stones with the help of soap, floor cleaning liquid, or natural stone cleaning liquid. The natural stone that we have sprayed with cleaning fluid can we clean with a brush. You can soak natural stones in cleaning fluids to clean natural stones that are not permanently installed. You can use a brush to clean the small cracks on the natural stone floor.

Then you can rinse with water until it is completely clean. Dry the natural stone or use a dry cloth to dry the water on the floor. Once it is completely dry, you can use protective paint. If you already have a protective layer, you can use polish to maintain and maintain natural stone coatings. Polish will make the protective layer not easy to peel and the color of the natural stone floor becomes brighter.

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