Natural Stones Look Dewy, How to Overcome It?

Many people use natural stones to beautify the look of their homes. The exterior and interior design of the house can use this natural stone. However, we sometimes find the problem of natural stones look dewy. Dewy natural stone is one of the problems that can be found by natural stone users.

Natural stones show natural beauty so that they can give a natural character to our homes. Building material stores sell natural stones in various shapes, sizes, and patterns. Therefore we can adjust the design of houses and natural stones that are available.

To reinforce the style and maintain the beauty of natural stone, then we can give a coating or protective layer on natural stones. If we give a coating on natural stone, then the pores of natural stone will be covered with protective paint. This coating can also add impression and beauty to natural stone. For example, natural stones look wet, shinier, clearer natural patterns and others.

Natural Stones Look Dewy

Natural stones look dewy is one of the problems that appear on the natural stone coating. Natural stone shows dew points under a layer of protective paint. However, it is not water absorption that causes this situation. This is because we have done coatings on natural stones.

Actually, the natural stones look dewy due to a coating process that is not according to the procedure. On the natural stone will show empty rooms in white or gray. It is this empty space that looks like dew under a layer of protective natural stone. This is because when we do coating, natural stone is not dry. If you do natural stone coating in wet conditions, then the water will be trapped by the coating layer when it dries. And this is like dew.

You can overcome the problem of natural stones look dewy by peeling off the protective layer. You can scrape or scrape a part of the dewy natural stone. And you do the re-coating process. The coating process should be done when the natural stone is completely dry.

Natural Stone Release

The problem that often becomes a series of dewy natural stones is the natural stone which is separated from its position. You might have accidentally removed natural stones because there was a renovation or accidental natural stone being released. The detached stone makes the appearance of the natural stone as a whole become less beautiful. This generally happens because when you install an imperfect natural stone or cement mixture it does not meet the standards. To overcome this, replace the loose stone or replace it with similar stone. The installation uses special cement which has a higher adhesion.

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