Benefits of Termites. Is Termites Beneficial?

So far we only know the negative side of termites, without knowing the benefits of termites. For residents in some countries, the benefits of termites are huge. Even the locals wait for the termite season to come. But for some residents of urban areas, termites actually bring harm.

Benefits of Termites
Benefits of Termites

Termites have tremendous damage to the wood furniture, books, or even the property we live in. Most of us are afraid of termites as a pest of this house. Even pest control companies continue to grow to help us fight against house pest termites.

In fact, of about 3000 species of termites, not all pests for humans. Some of them are the guardians of the ecosystem.

Really beneficial termites ?. Let’s look at some of the benefits of termites from different locations of the world.

Benefits of Termites as Animal Feed

Natural Poultry Feed.

Natural enemies of termites in nature one of them is poultry. If you keep chickens, ducks, quail, turkey, pigeon or goose then you can use termites as one feed. Chickens love termites especially queen termites.

Reptile feed.

In termites, termites have predators of this type of reptile. Reptile hobbyists can use termites to fly as cheap nutritious feed. Termites can be a natural feed of lizards, Agamidae, chameleons, gecko.

Fish feed.

Fish naturally are not the main predators of termites because they rarely meet. They either scaly or not scaly turned out to be fond of termites. How it can be given directly given live or killed first.

Benefits of Termites as Food and Natural Medicines

Food material.

In some places, local people use termites as foodstuffs, especially termites fly.  Termites in though into various types of good food (for people in the locals). Local culture. They fry the termites with flour spices, or mix the termites with the grated coconut spice and in the steamed.

For those who like unique food, please try …

Natural medicine.

In some places, locals use termite queens as natural remedies. The termite queen in his head cut and in raw eating without cooking. Of course, in select healthy and cleaned first. Queen termites are believed to prevent skin diseases, high blood pressure, easily fatigue and gout.

Benefits of Termites as a Cheap Feed

Fishing bait.

For hobby angler fish, termites are one of the best and cheapest bait that can be obtained from nature. For large fish targets, anglers spread these termites as attention-grabbing for the target fish to approach the bait. As a fishing lure, the angler can directly install termites on the hook.

Benefits of Termites as a Natural Parameter and Ecosystem Balance

Mine Indicators.

Termites can enter deep into the soil. This ability depends on the type of termites. Termites are very fond of locations containing metals, especially precious metals (gold). This metal will be re-issued by termites.

Maintaining Ecosystems.

Termite spent his life working underground, building a high nest for his colony. They are like highly skilled ground structural engineers. Termites build nests by digging holes similar to small pores on the ground. As a result, water can seep further into the soil so it does not evaporate. Inside the nest, termites mix sand, rock, and clay particles with organic material, such as leaf litter and exoskeleton or other organisms. The mix made the soil more fertile and resistant to erosion.

Dirt and termite excretion fluid also strengthens soil structure so as to prevent erosion. They also breed a kind of mushroom to eat. Bacteria in the digestive system of termites can alter nitrogen, extract the vital elements from the air, then turn it into a kind of fertilizer. This is especially beneficial for termite colonies.

When building and maintaining the nest, termites can move large amounts of soil. Termite nests make surrounding soil structures able to retain water and provide nutrients for plants. They increase the productivity of the system while keeping it stable and durable. Termites are very good for soil fertility.

Live Feed for Pets Increases Vitality. Crickets?
Winged Termites as an Alternative Bird Feeds?

Handling and Stopping Hair Loss in Cats

We need to immediately handle and stop hair loss in cats. This is because it has an effect on the health of your cat and the comfort of your home. To stop hair loss in cats, you need to know the cause of hair loss in cats (see on Maybe Your cat is pregnant. It Causes Cat Hair Loss). Each cat can have different causes of hair loss. So you can take steps to stop hair loss in cats.

stop hair loss in cats
stop hair loss in cats

If hair loss in cats is due to the natural cycle of fur change, then you just take care of it as usual. Like human skin that always experienced regeneration, cat hair also needs a change. So, you do not have to worry your cat will be bald. Take care of him as usual and when the cycle is over, the feathers will not fall out again.

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Maybe Your cat is pregnant. It Causes Cat Hair Loss.

The cat’s hair fall is a common thing. But, if there is an excessive fall you will be very disturbed. Cat fur will be scattered on the couch, carpet, and shirt. There are several causes of cat hair loss. Check out these four common causes.

Lack of nutrition.

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Causes of Puffy Eyes and Healthy Ways to Get Rid of

The causes of the puffy eyes may not have you know it all. In this article, we continue the previous article about the cause of puffy eyes. By knowing the causes of puffy eyes, then we can choose a healthy way to get rid of puffy eyes.

Causes of Puffy Eyes : Lifestyle

Smoking and Drinking alcohol

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The Cause of Puffy Eyes and How to Prevent Occurrence.

The dominant cause of puffy eyes will be different for each person. Therefore every individual needs to examine the cause of the dominant puffy eyes against him. Puffy Eyes is often referred to as panda eyes in the form of dark circles that are under the eyes. The appearance of dark circles and eye bags is due to the occurrence of swelling in the area around the eye.  

cause of puffy eyes
cause of puffy eyes

Layers in the eye area are thinner, in contrast to other areas of the skin on the face. This is what makes the eye area becomes more easily swell. By knowing the causes of Puffy Eyes, then we can choose the right way to prevent Puffy Eyes.

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Reproductive Behavior of Cockatiel or Falk Birds.

Cockatiel bird enthusiasts need to know the reproductive behavior of cockatiel birds in order to easily understand the bird cycles. There are some differences in reproductive behavior of cockatiel birds compared to other birds. Bird enthusiasts from various countries have long known cockatiel birds or falk birds. Falk bird prices are relatively stable but vary in other countries. Falk birds are also known by the name mini cockatoo or parakeet Australia, favored by various circles. If you want, you can farm yourself at home. The process of reproduction is relatively easy. This article explores the reproductive behavior of cockatiel birds.

reproductive behavior of cockatiel
reproductive behavior of cockatiel

Groups of parrot birds known as a clever bird, as well as falk birds or cockatiel, is also clever. If trained painstakingly, this bird can recognize the giver, pronounce phrases, distinguish visual symbols such as fat, ugly, white, and so on.

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Live Feed for Pets Increases Vitality. Crickets?

Hobbyists rarely provide live feed for pets. They generally provide feed in the form of a mixture of pellets or materials manufacturers who have been given a variety of nutritional adequacy. Live feed for pets can be crickets, earthworms, small fish, red ant eggs, red worms, shrimp, mice and others.

live feed for pets
live feed for pets

Crickets are generally regarded as insect pest mainly on agricultural fields. So, the crickets also included targets in the destruction of pests in agriculture. Crickets indeed are one type of insect is most often used by hobbyists and ranchers as natural feed for various types of birds, fish, sugar gliders, porcupines, and reptiles. Increasing interest in raising animals that consume crickets, the demand for crickets also increased.

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Care For Pregnant Cats.

Cat lovers need extra attention to care for pregnant cats. Especially when you care for pregnant cats that is expensive or a rare type. Many families choose cats as pets for reasons of beautiful colors, types, funny behaviors or other reasons for example because cats respond to other wild animals such as rats, or snakes.

Care for pregnant cats
Care for pregnant cats

Caring for your beloved cat is actually not difficult, but if your cat is pregnant then it requires a slightly larger treatment. When a cat is first pregnant, you also need more attention to care for pregnant cats.

High Quality Food for Pregnant Cats

Provide the best quality food.

Pregnant cats need plenty of protein and vitamins that are necessary to support the development of the fetus. To make sure the protein and vitamins are high, you can look at the packaging of the cat feed you buy. Parent cats and fetuses require dietary supplements in the form of vitamins and calcium. Food supplements are useful for improving health.The granting of too much calcium cause excessive fetal bone development. As a result, the size of the fetus is too large and difficult to get out at the moment would be born (dystocia).

Do not give any medication during pregnancies.

You should administer medicines to pregnant cats only in an emergency. When will give medication, should consult the administering of medications with your vet. Various drugs such as anthelmintic, anti-lice and some kinds of antibiotics can lead to disorders, defects in the fetus even miscarriages.

Prepare enough food supplies.

The availability of cat food and drink should be of high quality and in sufficient quantities. The availability of food and drink should be controlled during pregnancy, after childbirth and postpartum.

A Healthy and Convenient Place to take care of pregnant cats..

Parent cat is very sensitive to the safety of his children. The need for a healthy and comfortable place to care for a pregnant cat should be taken care of.

Provide a comfortable cage for childbirth.

Cats will choose a place to give birth to their child in accordance with their instincts, therefore provide a box where you give birth in some places. Boxes made of cardboard, wood, large plastic filled with cloth or towel for the base is sufficient. Place the boxes in a warm, clean, quiet and supervised place. Make sure this place has been available at least weeks before the time of delivery so that cat mothers can be comfortable.

Do not dispose of the boxes after the cat gives birth because during the upbringing of her children will be made several times the transfer by the cat mother.

Use sands litter that does not clot.

Sometimes a cat gives birth to her child in a litter box. The sand contained in the litter box can be seen in the body of a newborn child. Parent cat usually does not want to clean (lick) her child when covered with sand that clot and smell of dirt. Use only zeolite sand which is relatively cheaper and not clot. If the kitten is not cleansed, then he will have difficulty breathing because it is covered by the remnants of fluid from the mother’s womb.

Limiting Interaction Against Other Cats

A pregnant cat should be inside the House.

Circumstances in the House warmer and quiet, away from the distractions of wild cats that can lead to fighting between cats. Cats that live outdoors has risks of contracting the disease is higher. The conditions inside the House relatively clean until the kittens are born in a clean place.

Keep away from other cats.

If you have multiple cats, make the sure place to give birth away from other cats. At the time of giving birth, cats do not like to be near other cats, although the cat had known each other for a long time. Motherly and protective properties of the instinct will be getting stronger at the moment of birth approached. The new cat gave birth to be uncomfortable or the cat will attack him.

The last thing to watch out for is the preparation of the address and telephone records of some of the nearest clinics or veterinarians. Find veterinarian/clinic information that is open 24 hours in preparation for emergency cases.

Do not let your beloved cat alone at the time of delivery.

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Usage of Apple Vinegar to Treat Birds.

Some bird hobbyists use apple vinegar to treat birds. Other hobbyists never even use apple vinegar to treat birds because they do not know yet. You must have heard of apple vinegar. Apple vinegar is a fermented liquid from apples containing alcohol. This liquid is widely used for various needs because it has wide benefits. Apple vinegar can be purchased at pharmacies, cake shops, and herbal medicine stores. This time we will take advantage of apple vinegar for bird care.

Apple Vinegar to Treat Birds
Apple Vinegar to Treat Birds

Before utilizing it, let’s look at the content of substances and nutrients in apple vinegar. We all will learn how much apple vinegar is beneficial to the birds.

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Causes and Treatment of High Cholesterol.

A healthy lifestyle change is a defensive line against high cholesterol. A healthy lifestyle includes exercise and eating healthy foods. Changes in a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of high cholesterol and can help prevent hyperlipidemic disease. But, if you have changed this important lifestyle and high cholesterol levels are not reduced, it is necessary to use prescription drugs.

healthy lifestyle
healthy lifestyle

Cholesterol is a fatty substance (lipids) in the blood that the body needs to continue to build healthy cells. A person who has hyperlipidemia can develop fatty deposits in the blood vessels. These fat deposits make it difficult for blood to flow through the arteries. Disease High cholesterol can go down to the child, although the most common cause is the result of unhealthy lifestyle choices.

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