Is it True that Irregular Exercise Causes Pain?

Irrregular Sport – Sick

An hour after exercise the permeability level of the cell membrane increases sharply. Exercise does make the body fit, but exercise without the right physical exercise guidelines actually harm our health. When done with high intensity in the long term, physical exercise that resulted in tissue damage.
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Making Organic Fertilizer Using Lumbricus

Earthworm – Organic Fertilizer

One method of making compost from organic material is by utilizing earthworm mainly from Lumbricus rubellus type. This method is more effective than the compost method in general that relies solely on the activity of bacterial decomposers. In a worm composting system, bacteria decomposers that are aerobic bacteria remain active to decompose waste. Fresh organic waste and the resultant bacteria will be digested by earthworms.
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Earthworms As A Solution Kitchen Waste Problems

Facing the problem with kitchen waste?

Domestic waste consists of organic and nonorganic wastes. The largest part of the domestic waste is the organic waste, which we can convert to compost (organic fertilizer).

Earthworm- Solution Kitchen Waste Problems

Compost can be made by using earthworm activity (Lumbricus rubellus) to decompose organic material so that the time required is shorter than composting process conventionally. Lumbricus rubellus worm is a worm that lives in the topsoil, is brownish red and the lower part is pale yellowish.
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Antioxidants are not only Present in the Ginger Rhizome. So Where is it?

Ginger is well known in eastern countries mainly used for heating drinks. Ginger drink has a delicious flavor, refreshing, warms the body and is believed to have efficacy as an herbal medicine. In general, the plant part used for drinks is the bulb or rhizomes.

Ginger Rhizome

Ginger plants are known by most people and used for herbal purposes, drinks or recipes there are 3 types.
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Vlogging Tips on Youtube for Beginners

Vlogging on YouTube

Vlogging on YouTube became one of the popular communications media in the present era. The person uploading the video has a variety of purposes and contents, among other things, about the equipment/machine manual, office transparency, entertainment and even used to earn additional income.
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Quail Eggs Satay with Sesame Sauce

Recipes of Satay.

Quail egg satay

Many recipes for quail’s eggs and quail’s meat. Satay is one of the recipes of cuisine from the East is popular and easy to do. Foodstuffs cooked with sticks with bamboo or iron. How to cook is done by burning. Burning food can be done in various ways. Here is the recipe quail eggs satay for 15 skewers.
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Choose Chicken or Quail Livestock?

A livestock business is a combination of long links, where the links between the links are mutually supportive. As an illustration, you want to increase the productivity of quail so the quality of feeding should be supported by genetic Day Old Quail (DOQ) quality. You want to increase the productivity of livestock should pay attention to the sanitary cattle shed too.

Quails Livestock

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Pharmacological Effects of Gods Leaves

Herbal plants

Some time ago we began to get acquainted with the god leaves. The god’s leaf (Gynura pseudo-china DC.) Has a synonym of G. divaricata DC., G. ovalis DC., Senecio divarigata L. In many areas the god leaves have many names among others on Sumatra island known as beluntas or in some places in Malay is known as the kio tigel.
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Outdoor Activity. Treatment Bitten by Scorpions with Herbs

God Leaves

Nature tourism activities provide a sense of comfort, calm, and leave memories longer. Outdoor activity is popular from children to adults. In many offices make a gathering event by taking the outside atmosphere to cultivate freshness for employees.

The main problem is the annoying animals that attack us. Snakes, centipedes and scorpions are the animals we must be aware of.
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Herbs for Streamlining Mother’s Milk

Katuk’s Leaves

Often mothers face the problem of not getting out or too little milk (breast milk) to breastfeed the beloved child. Of course, this makes the mother’s heart restless. There are many ways to facilitate breast milk. One way is by herbal methods.
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