Patina Effect on Genuine Leather Products

Many people want to get the patina effect on genuine leather products. Over time, your genuine leather bag will look older. A well-aging leather bag will produce a patina effect or an old impression. People will see this leather bag impressively elegant and luxurious.

You must always maintain the patina effect on genuine leather products. This is because if you fail to treat this aging process properly, then you will never get the impression of a patina effect.

If you do not take care of your skin products, then you will not see the patina effect on genuine leather products. And often, you will find your favorite skin products will be damaged by the influence of dryness and age of the skin.

Patina Effect on Genuine Leather Products

Leather fans greatly appreciate the beauty of the natural material of a leather product. Genuine leather products can include leather shoes, accessories, leather bags or leather jackets. In genuine leather products, they will change with time and usage. And people often wait here, because this is where the “beauty” of leather products is. This is the Patina Effect.

Patina is a color change that occurs in vegetable skin. These changes occur because the skin that comes into contact with the hand (oil in the human hand) or other elements that come into contact with the skin can change the color to be darker or even older and will be shinier

Leather bags made from genuine animal skin contain natural oils contained in leather. However, this oil content will eventually run out or disappear. Things that cause sun radiation, washing, detergent or due to displacement from human hands. We need to keep this oil content from running out. The oil content keeps the moisture, flexibility, and condition of the leather bag itself.

For leather products, you can produce dramatic color changes if your leather product is unfinished. Products that have finishing touch will produce a weaker patina compared to matte, aniline or raw skin.

Raising the Patina Effect Naturally.

So do you want to bring out the patina effect naturally? Easy.

To produce a patina, you can simply do one simple thing that is using your genuine leather products continuously. Of course, you also need to take care of him. Natural wear, splashes of water, oil from your body, even sun exposure will cause patina that is different from one another. For those of you who can’t wait to change, you can speed up the process by treating the skin more extreme like using it in the water or drying it under the sun directly.

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