Polish the Marble with Simple Techniques

We can choose to polish marble with simple techniques or call a marble expert. You can do it yourself when choosing to polish marble with simple techniques. It is lighter in cost and you can work according to your time.

polish marble with simple techniques
polish marble with simple techniques

We know that marble requires more frequent treatment on patio areas, balconies or kitchens for example. This is because in these places the dirt often hit the marble. This type of dirt also has many variations including fatty impurities, organic waste, food scraps, decaying leaves, mold, mildew, paint, ink, dust and many others. Therefore it would be better if we do own way of polishing marble with simple techniques. Of course, we expect the marble to be longer still glistening.

Polish the Marble with Simple Techniques – Materials and Ways


Wax is a chemical residue of petroleum that can help glaze marble. You can get it at the chemicals store. The trick is to rub the wax on the surface of the marble floor. These chemicals will give a new layer on the marble surface.


Salt can be a natural material for glazing marble. The trick is by applying salt with a damp cloth on the marble area. You rub gently so there are no scratches. Make sure you wash and clean the marble before. Once done, you can rinse with cold water and dry the marble surface with a soft, dry cloth.


Gasoline is one of the chemicals that come from oil. How to polish marble with this chemical is to apply it to the marble surface gently. Once dry, the marble will have a new layer that makes it shiny.


Aerosols are chemicals for cleaning wood. Typically, building stores provide this material. We can use aerosols to polish marble because aerosols also contain petroleum residues such as wax. The trick is to apply it on the marble surface.

Glass Cleaner

You can use a glass spray cleaner as a material to polish marble. Its function is to clean the marble from dust that sticks. The trick is the same as the way when cleaning the glass. Use a soft cloth so as not to scratch the marble surface.

Shoe Polish

You can use shoe polish to help polish the marble surface. The choice of polish color can adjust with the color of marble. How to use it easily, namely by applying shoe polish on the marble surface. If you want to use a brush, you should choose a very soft brush so as not to scratch the marble surface. This can be done to polish a small part of the marble surface.

Marble Special Cleaner

It’s an easy way. You can clean the marble by using a special marble cleaning fluid. This cleanser is able to clean various types of dirt. You can use a special marble cleanser to remove rust dirt, stains, and fatty impurities attached to the marble surface.

The advantage of using this marble special cleaning fluid is that you do not have to mix too much additional material. However, you should keep giving the right dosage at the time of use. You should clean the dirty marble surface in a circular motion and slowly.

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