Preparing Yeast for Fermentation in Homebrewing

We must be careful in preparing yeast for fermentation in homebrewing. This process is one that determines the success of the homebrewing process. Because fermentation is the most important stage, we should be careful in going through this process. We need to know the quality of the yeast we will use. Therefore it is very important to prepare yeast for fermentation in homebrewing.

Fermentation is the process of converting sugar into alcohol and CO2 using yeast. So we will do the fermentation process on the sugar resulting from the mashing process. Yeast will process sugar from the mashing to produce alcohol and CO2.

Preparing Yeast for Fermentation in Homebrewing
Preparing Yeast for Fermentation in Homebrewing

In the homebrewing process, we will mix the yeast into the wort. You need to close the container where you mix the yeast and wort. Just say the gallon uses a rubber stopper and airlock. You can use a simple method by using plastic wrap as a cover and tied with rubber. We can give a small hole above it. Or you can use a balloon tied above 2 small holes. This can also be a sign that your fermentation process is successful. However, you need to pay attention to the cleanliness of the balloon. You should wash the balloon to be clean and the smell of rubber is gone. You can soak the rubber balloon in hot water so it doesn’t smell.

We should keep the fermentation container in a clean place and the air is cool. Until here, we are just waiting for the fermentation process to finish. The fermented product reaches an alcoholic level of 8% and above in about 2 weeks.

The Process of Preparing Yeast for Fermentation in Homebrewing

Before entering the fermentation process we must prepare yeast first. This process is important because it determines the success of our entire homebrewing process. Our goal is to prepare yeast for fermentation at homebrewing: First, so that we know the quality of yeast is still good so that the yeast works optimally. Second, so that the fermentation container will not be filled with foam which rises until it exits through the air hole or into the airlock

How to Test Yeast has a Good Function

You need to prepare the container for a clean sugar solution. Initially, you put a glass of warm water with a temperature of about 35 degrees Celsius into the container. Take the yeast and put it in the warm water. Stir until evenly distributed in the warm water. And you can leave about 10-20 minutes to be evenly distributed.

To prove that yeast is still quality, you can take a spoon of sugar and put it in the container. Stir the sugar and yeast solution evenly and cover it. You wait for about 10-20 minutes to find out the next process. If within that period of time, you see the foam appearing from the solution of sugar and yeast, the yeast is still good. Conversely, if you do not see any changes in the fermentation container, it means that the yeast is damaged.

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