Prevent Natural Stones Damage Due to Rainwater

Natural stone has a high artistic charm. Many people want to use natural stones to add beauty and impression to their homes. Natural stones have various types. Therefore natural stones can be installed to meet outdoor or indoor beauty. You need to prevent natural stones damage due to rainwater on the use of natural stones outside the home.

We must prevent natural stones damage due to rainwater because rainwater has a variable pH. Rainwater can have acidic properties due to pollution of air dissolved in rainwater. Acid deposition is a phenomenon of air pollution due to energy activities that emit major gas pollutants such as SO2 & NOx. Acid deposition can also be interpreted as deposition of acids in the atmosphere, both in the form of gases or liquids to the soil, rivers, forests and other places through rainwater. Therefore we must prevent natural stones damage due to rainwater.

Coating to Prevent Natural Stones Damage Due to Rainwater.

We can install natural stones in a variety of home styles, both for traditional or modern houses. Natural stones are susceptible to damage due to rainwater if installed for the exterior needs of the house. Therefore we do coatings on natural stones. The coating is generally a clear liquid so the original color of the stone is still visible.

Rainwater inundating natural stones will result in whitish and dull natural stones. To prevent this, you should design natural stones to avoid rainwater. Natural stone as soon as possible free from puddles of rainwater. You can do coatings to prevent acidic rainwater from being absorbed into the rock.

If you want the natural stone to have a glossy effect and extreme weather resistance, you can choose a solvent based acrylic coating. Natural stone coatings made of the acrylic solvent base are powerful enough for extreme weather. With this type of paint, the exotic charm of the natural stone is more prominent because it is shinier. Coating using acrylic solvent based is suitable for use on dark natural stones, such as andesite rocks. This paint also has the advantage of being able to measure colors and natural strokes on natural stones.

You can also use coatings from Sicosol paint. Sicosol is a silicone solution dissolved in a solvent. Therefore sicosol-based paints are able to keep the surface of natural stone dry. Sicosol paints are relatively easy to use and are very suitable for natural stone surfaces that have porous properties, such as sandstone. This paint can increase the firmness of the natural texture that natural stones have.

Caring for Natural Stones that has been Coating.

If we do not protect natural stones with protective paint, then natural stones will quickly dull due to mold, mildew, and layers of dust attached. We will find it difficult to clean, require expensive fees and can damage natural stones. Natural stone coated with protective paint to prevent damage to natural stones due to rainwater. However, we also have to treat natural stone even though it has been coated with protective coating paint. Coatings can eventually suffer damage too. Sand, dust, dirt, chemical liquids, alcohol, other abrasive substances can cause wear on natural stone protectors. You can repaint the exterior natural stone every 6 months.

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