Prevent Rabbits from Scabies Infection

You need to prevent rabbits from scabies infection. Your actions for prevention will be better than treatment. Scabies is a skin disease in rabbits that is very contagious. Therefore, before it spreads and has a detrimental effect, you should prevent rabbits from scabies infection.

Scabies is a type of lice that has a microscopic size. They like nesting places under the skin layer. This is what causes itching in the affected area of the body. Sick rabbits will often scratch the affected body parts so that the part of the wound is even torn. Therefore you may have seen rabbit ears torn at the edges. In general, these lice attack the rabbit’s body on the ears, legs, and nose of the rabbit.

How are the Characteristics of Rabbits Infected with Scabies?

If you are a beginner or just starting to have a rabbit, then you really need to know the characteristics of rabbits that have contracted scabies. Similarly, if you plan to have an ornamental rabbit commercial farm for example, then you also need knowledge about this scabies disease.

Rabbits suffering from scabies will show some symptoms that we can recognize. For those of you who are experts in cattle rabbits, of course, this is an easy thing. Observe all parts of the rabbit’s body, especially the part that is predominantly attacked, namely the legs, nose, and ears. You will see in parts of scabies there is a crust like dandruff. This crust piles up so that it looks thick.

Scabies that attack the legs often causes swelling. This is because the wound on the foot will become severe by using it to scratch. Therefore, you sometimes see the rabbit’s feet swell until the nails look like they are about to come off. If scabies infestation attacks the ear then you will see the edges of the ear wounds and torn pieces cut by fleas. This disease can get worse if not treated immediately at this level. Scabies will infect all parts of the rabbit’s body. Rabbits will suffer from itching, injuries from scratching, fever, swelling and infections of various diseases. This situation will cause rabbits to lack rest and loss of appetite. In the end, the rabbit will suffer death.

How to Prevent Rabbits from Scabies Infection.

There are several entrances that cause our rabbits to get infected with scabies. You must be able to isolate these factors to prevent rabbits from scabies infection. There are minor factors that can cause scabies, such as forage or artificial feed problems. Rabbit feed can be a source of scabies due to contamination from the outside. But this is actually relatively rare. You should still pay attention to this. Dispose of and clean forage feed that does not run out in 2 days.

You have to keep the cage clean. This is important because it will become a bridge for transmitting scabies from one cage to another. Rabbits suffering from the disease seem to be connected to healthy rabbits in other cages. Therefore, you should clean the rabbit cage regularly. You can adjust cage sanitation and rabbit environment to suit habitat and health. The cage should not be too moist, not too hot, and the air circulation is good enough.

You should limit the outside animals to enter the rabbit cage area freely. Dogs, wolves, and cats can transmit this disease. Besides these wild animals can bring disease, it can also make it uncomfortable for rabbits. Livestock can actually transmit this disease to rabbits.

To prevent the spread of scabies, you should separate rabbits that have contracted the disease from healthy rabbits. You isolate this sick rabbit until healed. When you treat sick rabbits, the cage must also be cleansed.

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