Problems with Agricultural Sprayers that Must be Resolved

Farmers and planters use agricultural sprayers to control plant pests and diseases. In addition, farmers also use sprayers to provide leaf fertilizer or micro fertilizer for example. The sprayer is the main tool of agriculture to facilitate the activities of farmers. Therefore farmers need to understand the problems with agricultural sprayers that must be considered.

Farmers need to treat and overcome problems with agricultural sprayers. This is because the sprayer must always be ready for use if pests and plant diseases occur. If the sprayer suffers severe damage when a pest attack occurs, the farmer will suffer heavy losses.

Problems with agricultural sprayers can arise due to farmer’s behavior or the technical age of the sprayer. User behavior can cause the sprayer to get into trouble, for example pumping too rough, using water without filtering, etc. Farmers must repair or replace damaged parts immediately, so as not to interfere with agricultural activities. With this condition, Farmers can achieve maximum harvests.

Problems with Agricultural Sprayers.

Farmers need to know how to properly care for agricultural sprayers. This is because problems with agricultural sprayers can occur at any time. Caring for sprayers or spray tanks on a regular basis is a must for farmers to keep the condition of the sprayer good.

Problems that often arise in agricultural sprayers include damage to the sprayer faucet. Farmers should immediately repair the sprayer faucet to prevent material loss. Damaged taps will cause high costs and inefficient spraying due to wasted pesticides.

The most common problem is the blockage of the nozzle. Clumping pesticides and insecticides cause the nozzle to clog and close. Generally, this clumping is due to farmers being imperfect in dissolving pesticide powder. Farmers have to stir the pesticide solution until all the powder is completely dissolved. Dissolving pesticides in the sprayer tank directly can also cause the nozzle to clog. This is because farmers cannot see dissolved pesticides. Impurities can also clog the nozzle on agricultural sprayers. Often these impurities follow the flow of water that farmers use to dissolve pesticides.

The use of high frequency results in a wear and damage nozzle. If the nozzle is worn out, the farmer should replace it immediately. This will cause spraying to be less effective. And the bigger effect, farmers can be exposed to pesticides. This certainly creates a big risk for the health of farmers.

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