The Process of Making Beer Compared to Local Drinks

Actually, the brewing process already exists in various regions of the country. Maybe not at the same time. In some areas, people have long known the process of making beer. But in some countries, new communities receive knowledge about the process of making beer. Generally, people who have various knowledge of local drinks will slowly adopt the process of making beer.

Companies produce beer that is the mainstay. Whereas local fermented drinks only produce people. Therefore the process of making beer in the community tends to not develop. Finally, the community suffered difficulties in finding materials and equipment for the process of making beer.

The process of making beer or brewing is actually not much different from the process of making local fermented drinks. Generally, people make beer from natural ingredients such as barley, a type of wheat plant, hops, and yeast. Both use a fermentation process that converts sugar into alcohol.

Generally, traditional beer has a relatively low alcohol content. But now, brewers have created various flavors of beer with zero alcohol content. You need to know that beer contains ethyl alcohol which is different from the cosmetics, sanitation and pharmaceutical industries for example. We cannot consume any alcohol. Even though it includes alcohol, you cannot consume methanol for example.

The Process of Making Beer.

The process of making beer requires precision. This is because to guarantee the quality of the taste of beer. Unlike brewing, local fermentation drinks do not require strict qualifications. However, people in other countries still like this drink. Local fermented drinks have a variety of flavors.

Brewer creates beer from several stages of the process. The stages of the process of making beer are quite long. We summarize the brewing process as below.


The first stage in the process of making beer is brewing. In this section, we choose barley to grind it and then mix with water. Next, we heat this mixture.

Saccharification Process.

This process increases the temperature slowly and consistently. By doing this process, the carbohydrates turn into sugar with the help of the amylase enzyme.


We need to filter to separate the juice from the pulp malted barley. After we get the sari malted barley, it is necessary to add a wort. Then boil this mixture at a temperature of 90-100 degrees Celsius.


The next process, we cool the mixture of malted barley and wort. Then add flower hops. We should use female hops flowers. Why are we wearing female hops? This is because flower hops contain high iso-alpha acid. The content of iso-alpha acid provides a bitter aroma and taste in beer.

Whirlpool process.

After the cooling process is complete, then proceed to the whirlpool process. This process has the function of separating the wort from protein. So, in this process, we cool the wort to a temperature of 8.5 degrees Celsius.


After cooling the wort, the next step is to do the fermentation. So, we add the yeast to the cold wort. In this process, the yeast performs the task of converting sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. This process is quite long, generally takes 7 to 28 days.

Maturation Process.

This stage is nearing the end of a long journey of making beer. After going through the fermentation process, we cool the beer to a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius. This process has an important function. This function is to get the aroma and character of taste. After that, it is necessary to process to filter beer to produce clear beer liquid.

Now we have beer. The final stage of this process is packing beer in bottles, cans or barrels. This stage is very necessary to pay attention to the hygienic packaging process.

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