Reasons Why You Should Brush Cat’s Teeth

Do we need to brush cat’s teeth? This question often arises for those of you who care for cats. This is because we have never seen hobbyists brush cat’s teeth. And naturally, the cats do not brush cat’s teeth.

Do we need to brush cat's teeth?
Do we need to brush cat’s teeth?

We need to brush cat’s teeth because the health of the cat’s teeth and mouth is also important. We need to pay attention to dental health besides the health of other body parts. So it’s a good idea to bring it to the vet to check their dental health every year. If the health of your cat’s teeth and mouth is bad, it can cause high risk disease.

Here are the Reasons You Need to Brush Cat’s Teeth


Cat owners often do not pay attention to cat breath that smells bad. This problem of bad breath indicates symptoms of a cat’s mouth disorder. Cat owners often assume that the unpleasant breath on their favorite cats is something natural. And generally, they think cats will be able to solve the problem naturally. But if this problem becomes large it will risk disrupting the diet and health of cats. Therefore preventing and treating dental problems will be better and cost-effective.

Tooth and gum damage

You need to maintain the health of your cat’s teeth and mouth because it can cause permanent damage to the cat’s teeth. Plaques and tartar can appear and close below the gum line. This condition will damage the teeth and membranes around them in the long run. Tartar can damage the gums, cavities and even loss of teeth. Tooth decay will result in disrupting your favorite cat’s diet. This is because cats will feel uncomfortable or in pain when eating. If you don’t immediately deal with tooth and gum damage, it will cause cat health problems as a whole and even cause death.

Triggering Other Diseases

The health of your cat’s teeth and mouth will have a positive effect when keeping it well. But on the contrary, if you do not maintain the health of your teeth and mouth your favorite cat will cause other diseases. Poor dental and oral health will cause bacterial infections in the cat’s mouth. This bacterial infection in the mouth will cause health problems in other organs. This is because the infection will cause bacteria to enter the bloodstream into the body. This is what can cause the risk of problems in the internal organs of the cat such as the lungs, heart, kidneys, and liver.

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