Red Water System for More Fish in Ponds

You can use the Red Water System method to get more fish in the pond. Actually, we can choose various methods for fish farming, one of them is by using a Red Water System. So how does the Red Water System work so that there are more fish in the pond? What are the differences between the methods commonly used by fish farmers? This question arises because most fish farmers want more fish in ponds.

Difficulties of Fish Breeders for More Fish in Ponds

Fish farmers suffer from difficulties other than the amount of fish that is limited in the area of the pond, also because the pond requires special care. This is because microbes must not affect pond water. These unwanted microbes will ultimately affect fish yields. Fish farmers will always replace water or recycle pond water to keep it clear and clean from microbes. In this system, farmers will suffer difficulties when increasing the number of fish seeds in the pond. Therefore the parameters determine that the number of fish seeds should be the optimum distribution.

Red Water System for More Fish in Ponds
Red Water System for More Fish in Ponds

Fish farmers also suffer from difficulties in saving the fish feed. This is because fish need rapid growth in order to shorten harvest time. Short harvest times show a faster cycle for the next period. This means that fish farmers can get a higher economic level. Fish farmers must also think about the effectiveness of fish feed. They must strive for food to be consumed by fish. Fish breeders must take into account the amount of feed, the frequency of feeding, the active time of the fish and the time the fish grow. Fish farmers must always pay attention so that the feed is not left in the pond. Remnants of feed in ponds indicate fish are in danger. This is because the remaining feed can be toxic to fish.

Overcoming the Difficulties for More Fish in Ponds

Commercial fish farmers want high yields from their ponds. Therefore more fish in the pond is a bridge so that fish farmers reach their destination.

Fish farmers can use a red water system in stocking dense fish to overcome ponds. This system does not require replacing pond water too often during the fish cultivation process. This is because the microbes in the pond have a positive function. And pool water does not require special care. Fish farmers can modify this method or combine it with other methods. With this in mind, fish farmers will need less time. And this situation will open opportunities to develop other businesses.

This red water system utilizes the role of microbes, so it can save the fish feed. Microbes will convert fish feces into non-toxic materials. Even fish poop is not dangerous if consumed or swallowed by fish. Even the pH of the pool water is relatively normal with pH7.