Red Water System in Fish Farming.

We can choose various methods for fish farming, one of which is by using a Red Water System in fish farming. You can use a red water system in dense fish farming to solve the problem of small ponds. Red water system is a system of fish farming by utilizing the functions of positive microbes. Cultivation of dense fish is a method of fish farming with a number of fish seeds that are denser than the recommended amount.

Those of you who don’t have much free time is very suitable to apply the red water system in fish farming. This red water technique system is perfect for those of you who have other main jobs. This technique only requires a little time to treat pool water. Ponds with minimal water are also very suitable using this Red water system in fish farming (RSW).

Water Color Change Process at Red Water System in Fish Farming

When we apply the red water system it will change the color of the pool water to red. Before it becomes red, the pool water will gradually go through several discoloration processes. This system will change the pool water from day to day from clear water, green, brown and finally red. If the color of the pool water changes, it means that there is a change in the active microbes in the pond. Red water indicates that it is very healthy for fish. Fish manure is a food source for the Lactobacillus and Sakaromises bacteria.

This color process requires direct sunlight. If the color process of the pool water becomes black then this process fails. You should replace the water with a new one and repeat it from the beginning. This color gradation process shows success only if the final result of the pool water is red.

You should install 2 or 4 air aeration points (according to the pool diameter). This has the purpose of stirring the Lactobacillus and Sakaromises bacteria in the bottom of the pond. These bacteria must be evenly distributed in all pool areas. If these bacteria are evenly distributed then the pool water quality will be maintained even without the replacement of water.

The advantages of this Red water system if successful.

The advantages of this system are:

1. We do not need to replace water during the cultivation process.

2. Fish ponds do not require special care.

3. We save more food because the real purpose of this system is to convert manure into a new feed source.

4. We can harvest more fish.

5. The pH of the pool water is relatively normal pH 7

6. Cultivation does not require a lot of time and thought, so you can work looking for additional income.

Giving Fish Feed.

Fish farmers should feed pellets mixed with probiotic solutions. Or farmers should soak fish feed with warm water and then dry it out. After the pellet expands it can be given to fish seedlings. One of the causes of mackerel seeds is the provision of pellets that are less tender, the pellets expand in the belly of the fish and cause injury to the intestine which ultimately causes the death of fish seeds.

You can feed fish according to the weight of the fish. Therefore the dose of fish feed and the frequency of feeding will also always adjust. The more the fish age, the feeding can also be reduced by the percentage and frequency. You should adjust to the type of fish you want to increase.