Steps to Repaint Old Wall Paint

Repaint old wall paint is not an easy job. This work requires time and patience. This is because we cannot directly paint the walls. The wall still sticks to the old wall paint that we have to process first.

You repaint old wall paint in order to change the color of the paint or the reason for damage to the old wall paint. Before repaint the old wall paint, we have to peel the old wall paint. The process of peeling old wall paint has the purpose that the new paint sticks firmly on the surface of the wall. If we peel the old wall paint then the new wall paint color will also appear more perfect. Repaint the old wall paint without having to peel the old wall paint will make the new wall paint weak. A new wall paint will stack on the old wall paint that is old and whitewashed.

Old wall paints have different durability. Parts exposed to extreme weather will suffer damage, but wall paint that is not exposed to extreme weather will still be good. All of this also depends on the quality of the wall paint we buy. Wall paint that has the best quality will remain good for a long time.

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Steps to Repaint Old Wall Paint

You must have a color design first and have prepared the paint to be used. You should choose the best quality wall paint to guarantee perfect and long-lasting results. The color and quality of the new wall paint should adjust to the location.

Clean the entire surface of the wall from the dirt that sticks. Don’t forget to get rid of paintings, wall hangings and all the ornaments on the wall. You also need to remove the items and furniture around the wall that you will peel the paint. And you should wear clothes that are tightly closed, wear a face shield, and head.

You can use paint remover to remove old wall paint. Or alternatively, you can use thinner types of thinner epoxy and thinner ND. Thinner has a cheaper price and a slightly different process. You should protect the floor from this pain remover because there are types of floors that are vulnerable to this solution.

You can paint the paint remover evenly across the surface of the old wall to be peeled. About 1 hour later, old paint will blister due to chemical processes. If the old wall paint has ballooned, then you can scrape the wall paint using scrape. When peeling old wall paint, you should wear gloves to avoid skin irritation. You do not need to be too strong to suppress scrap when scraping the old wall paint because it can result in the wall being scratched.

After you peel the entire layer of old wall paint, clean the walls of the remnants and old paint dust. You should wash the wall with soap if you use a paint remover. After the wall is clean and dry, then you can repaint the old wall paint.

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