Reproductive Behavior of Cockatiel or Falk Birds.

Cockatiel bird enthusiasts need to know the reproductive behavior of cockatiel birds in order to easily understand the bird cycles. There are some differences in reproductive behavior of cockatiel birds compared to other birds. Bird enthusiasts from various countries have long known cockatiel birds or falk birds. Falk bird prices are relatively stable but vary in other countries. Falk birds are also known by the name mini cockatoo or parakeet Australia, favored by various circles. If you want, you can farm yourself at home. The process of reproduction is relatively easy. This article explores the reproductive behavior of cockatiel birds.

reproductive behavior of cockatiel
reproductive behavior of cockatiel

Groups of parrot birds known as a clever bird, as well as falk birds or cockatiel, is also clever. If trained painstakingly, this bird can recognize the giver, pronounce phrases, distinguish visual symbols such as fat, ugly, white, and so on.

Cockatiel includes birds that are faithful to her partner. It is also found in most other parrots.

You must prepare the male and female parent candidates in the breeding enclosure. You may choose to use a solitary model or aviary cage. Aviary cages can accommodate several male mains and some female mains, so they have the opportunity to find their own partner.

Model and size of the cage can adopt a lovebird breeding cage. Also prepare a box of nests in the cage, both solitary and aviary cages. Provide nesting materials such as dry hay, dry grass, and the like, into the cage. You should not put the nest ingredients at one point. Good results when you spread nest building materials to many places. This is to provoke the bird’s desire to reproduce.

The reproductive behavior of the cockatiel birds will be started by the male birds who seduce the female who will be the future partner. Male Cockatiel will sing more often with a loud voice, sometimes accompanied by dance. He will lift both wings, and do a lot of movement in the perch.

At that time the female bird will respond, with the movement approaching and away until finally take a position and ready to marry.

Reproductive Behavior of Cockatiel Birds Before the Laying of Eggs.

After marriage, the male cockatiel will search for the appropriate nest box. Once inside the nest box, the male bird will sing to call the female bird to approach her in the nest box immediately. The female will go and enter the nest box where the partner is located.

For some time, the male and female mothers are inside the nest box. Both male and female will compose the nest. When females start laying eggs, the male birds will be near the nest box, sometimes even joining in the nest as if to see their marriage fruit. Egg incubation becomes a male and female parent duty performed alternately.

Little Bird of Cockatiel.

If you want to check the hive, you should not when there is a mother in the nest box. If you check the nest box that still has a female in it, then it will sound like anger. The female parent stays in the nest box and tries to keep the eggs.

After the eggs hatch, both male and female birds take care of their children together. Both took turns feeding their children. When these little birds of cockatiel begin to feed themselves or start learning to fly, they should be separated from their mothers.

In some cases, the male parent appears to be more aggressive towards the children before the weaning period. In this case, the parent wants to start a new reproduction process.

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