Scabies can Threaten the Life of Cats.

Cat owners should prevent it from the start because scabies can threaten the life of cats. This disease is transmitted through contact between cats and other cats. Cats that are always locked up generally rarely suffer from scabies. Well if your cat sometimes gets out of the house there is a possibility of contracting scabies from other cats. And if it doesn’t handle well, scabies can threaten the life of cats.

Scabies can threaten the life of cats because cats will always scratch the affected skin. Cats will become uneasy, lack of sleep, lack of appetite and scratches from his skin. This scratching scar will become more severe and spread throughout his body. Cats become thin and weak. These injuries have the potential for various bacterial infections.

Symptoms of Scabies in Cats

Very small 1/3 millimeter mites cause cat scabies. Cat scabies is a skin condition or medical term notoedric mange. This small parasite is transmitted through contact between cats and other cats. These parasites are also zoonotic or can infect humans.

You can recognize scabies from signs and behavior of cats. Cats suffering from scabies will suffer hair loss by forming a pattern, cats often scratch their ears and other body parts, and whitish crusts will appear on their ears. Itching will scratch the cat too often. Therefore there will be injuries resulting from scratching the cat’s skin. And this is where the initial entry of other bacteria in cats. Often you have difficulty distinguishing between ringworm and scabies. This is because the symptoms and behavior of cats are almost the same. In order to ensure it correctly, you can bring the cat to the vet or other experts.

Prevention of Scabies in Cats.

You should bathe your cat periodically. When bathing, you have to make sure the soap or shampoo is attached to the cat’s skin and is well absorbed. Bathe your cat with a soft shampoo. You must make sure shampoo or soap does not irritate the skin. If the cat has suffered early the irritation potential will be even greater. When bathing, you should use warm water to protect this sensitive cat’s skin.

You can bathe and soak the cat with drugs or soaps containing sulfur. Sulfur can help prevent the appearance of mites that cause scabies. Sulfur is relatively effective in preventing the spread of mites from other cats. When bathing or soaking, you should ensure that all cat skins are evenly submerged. If the cat has a long hair fur race, then you need to shave the cat’s hair in the affected area. You should do this immersion/bathing periodically. If the initial symptoms have appeared, do soaking the sulfur several times continuously until the symptoms of scabies disappear.

Basically, scabies is not a severe disease if it is quickly prevented. But if the cat owner doesn’t handle it properly, the cat’s condition will deteriorate. Cats will get food nutrient intake which decreases and experiences infection complications.

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