Skin Bag Moisturizing Lotion, How to Apply?

Do you have a genuine leather bag? If you have a genuine leather bag, then you should know how to care for your leather bag to keep it durable. One way to treat genuine leather bags is to apply skin bag moisturizing lotion. Have you never applied a moisturizing lotion to a leather bag? Please follow the steps to apply skin bag moisturizing lotion in this article to completion.

You should follow the steps to apply skin bag moisturizing lotion in this article. This is because applying skin bag moisturizing lotion is the most important step in treating your expensive leather bag. As the name implies, applying moisturizing lotion to leather bags has a function to maintain moisture and prevent dry skin so that it prolongs the life of your leather bag.

Steps to Apply Skin Bag Moisturizing Lotion

Below are the steps to apply skin bag moisturizing lotion that you can follow. You need to know that leather bags from genuine animal skin contain natural oils to maintain the moisture and flexibility of the skin. This oil content will eventually disappear. Therefore you need to apply skin bag moisturizing lotion.

Cleaning the Leather Bag First

The first step before you apply skin bag moisturizing lotion is to clean the bag first. You must pay attention to the cleanliness of the skin layer of your bag. This is an important factor. You should not apply a moisturizing skin lotion when dirty conditions. This will affect the results of our work. If you apply skin bag moisturizing lotion to dirty conditions, it will interfere with the process of applying lotion in the pores of the leather bag.

Apply Skin Bag Moisturizing Lotion with Clean Cloth.

You should use a clean cloth to apply moisturizing lotion to leather bags. You choose a soft cloth so you don’t scratch the surface of the skin. Apply the moisturizing lotion thinly to all parts of the leather bag. It’s a good idea to keep quiet for a moment. It has a function so that the skin bag lotion can seep into the substrate of the leather bag.

Rubbing the Surface until the color is sharp.

The third step of apply skin bag moisturizing lotion is to rub the surface of the bag. After you let the moisturizing lotion sit on the surface of the skin, you need to rub it with a soft, clean cloth. You rub the surface with gentle pressure until the surface of the bag is clean and the color becomes sharp. You also need to pay attention to how to rub so as not to hurt the skin surface and be effective. You rub in the direction of the fibers of the skin or in a circular motion.

Drying with the wind to dry.

You need to dry the leather bag with the wind in a cool place. Do this until your leather bag dries perfectly. If you have already taken this step, then you can store a leather bag on a dust bag or in a bag storage box. As simple as you don’t forget to use a moisture absorber on your favorite leather bag storage.

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