Causes of Termites Attacking the Door Frame

Most of us already know termites, we have even written in previous articles. Often termites attack our homes without realizing beforehand. We know when the damage to our house is very severe. We must be aware of termite attacks. Well, here we will discuss the causes of termites attacking the door frame.

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Why Choose Teak Wood Furniture?

We often have to choose the type of wood in the furniture we are going to buy. Wood furniture has a relatively wide variant in using wood. Many people suggest choosing teak wood furniture, but some suggest other wood. So, what exactly is the reason we choose teak wood furniture?

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Prevent Cockroaches in the Bathroom and Prevent Entering the House

Many people are disgusted with cockroaches, so they want to prevent cockroaches in the bathroom and prevent them from entering the house. Roaches explore the bathroom and fill the house to find food and a place to live. Cockroach behavior can contaminate food, foodstuffs, damage paper, cause allergies, cause foul odors and transmit disease. Even cockroaches can make spilled soap and toothpaste as food. Therefore people try to prevent cockroaches in the bathroom.

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Prevent the Appearance of Bedbugs in Your Home | Bedbugs Extermination

Bedbugs can quickly spread to your environment so you need to prevent the appearance of bedbugs in your home. If it has spread, the extermination of bedbugs can be troublesome. Therefore you are more important to prevent the appearance of bedbugs in your home.

In the home environment, bedbugs will find places that are in accordance with their habits. These small insects can crawl with a considerable range, so you also need to check the entire room at home. You should check from under furniture, in drawers, behind wallpaper, or anywhere and thoroughly clean. You will need a lot of time and energy to eradicate the prick compared to preventing it. If you do not clean thoroughly, the bedbugs will develop themselves again in the future.

You can read this article to find bed bugs in the house: How to Find Bed Bugs at Home? | Pest Control

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Bedbugs Extermination and How to Get Rid of Bedbugs from Your Home

We will find difficulties in bedbugs extermination at home. This is because, in the bedbugs extermination, we must know the existence of the location of his life. Bedbugs with small bodies have large living areas. I can find bedbugs in my bed and also can find a find bedbugs in the kitchen. This is what worries if the bedbugs have spread at home. Therefore we must do the bedbugs extermination and repel the bedbugs from the house.

bedbugs extermination
bedbugs extermination

Bedbugs can attack anyone. You will be easier to handle if it detects from the beginning. Bedbugs can also be carried by any member of your family or guests in your home. You can carry bedbugs accidentally after traveling. You can even find bedbugs in the books you borrow.

Bedbugs Extermination and How to Expel Bedbugs

Soak and wash the sleeping equipment.

You should wash the sheets, mattress,  bedcover, nightgown, and others in water with a temperature of approximately 50 degrees Celsius. Then dry the items with a heat-setting temperature for 30 minutes to disinfect the insects and their larval larvae.

Cleaning the furniture in the bedroom.

You should clean and wash the bedroom furniture that may be infested with bedbugs. Beware of carpets, between beds, wall hangings, and cracks in the walls. A vacuum cleaner can be used to suck the bedbugs in the area. You should be careful when you want to remove the contents of a vacuum cleaner bag. If your mattress is overdone full of bedbugs, it’s good to be replaced with a new one.

Dismantle and Clean the Home Furniture.

The living room sofa, the patio chair, the kitchen dining chair can be the entrance of the bedbug. You can remove parts of the furniture and clean the corners. You can clean the Sofa with fabric with anti-bacterial cleanser.

Cleaning the library shelves and your books can also lower the population of bedbugs. The books you borrow or buy can be a means of carrying bedbugs from outside the home. The situation becomes more severe when the library space together with your bedroom.

Continue to observe regularly the possibility of the return of bedbugs and clean up some areas that are detected there is bedbugs. You may need professional help with bed bugs if the bedbugs often reappear.

How to Find Bed Bugs at Home

You will find it difficult to find bed bugs at home. Bed bugs can last long without eating so it will be difficult to find bed bugs at home. They occupy the mattress, curtain, sofa, furniture, wallpaper and so on. How can we get rid of bed bugs if it’s hard to find bed bugs at home? To find bed bugs at home, you should recognize the characteristics of bed bugs, know the bite marks of bed bugs and be aware of the presence of bed bugs in your home.

Find Bed Bugs at Home – Recognize Characteristics of Bedbugs

Bed bugs or Cimex rotundanus has a reddish-brown color. They have a flat body and as an adult about half a centimeter. They occupy a radius of about 3 to 6 meters from the bed or seat. Bedbugs slipped not far from their food sources. They do not fly or jump but crawl quickly and are very clever to hide.

find bed bugs at home
find bed bugs at home

Bed bugs are blood-sucking vermin. They usually bite when their victims sleep. However, most people do not feel the bite because the bed bugs inject an anesthetic fluid that allows them to suck blood freely. Bed bugs can survive even once a week. Bed bugs do not like dirty areas and dust. They prefer warm places, human blood, and lots of carbon dioxide.

Find Bed Bugs at Home – Know the Bitten Marks Bedbugs

Bed bugs are not dangerous, the bites only cause itching. Mattress flea bites can cause an allergic reaction to the human skin. Unlike mosquitoes, bed fleas do not spread infectious diseases. Their bites can cause many people to be emotionally depressed. Bedbound victims can experience insomnia, shyness, and feel an uncomfortable sensation.

There is a special impact which is a feature that we have been bitten by bamboo, namely:

The bitten area becomes red, and the center is dark red.
The bitten area becomes itchy.
You will see the bite area as a straight line if many bells bite you.

If your condition is normal then the bite of this mattress ticks only cause skin redness and itching.

But if there is an allergy, the bite of this mattress will result in itching that accompanied the skin into bubbles or blisters.

Find Bed Bugs at Home – Be Aware of Its Existence

Bedbugs have small body size so that adult age, larvae and eggs are difficult to detect. What are the signs that in your home there is a bedbug?

You can check the mattress, mattress frame, and around the bed area to detect the presence of bed bugs. You should look more closely if there is a brown larvae shell.

If you see some blood spot on the sheets. This incident arises because when sleeping your body limbs so that the mattress ticks off.

You smell the musty aroma that is commonly caused by adult bedbugs.

If you see black dots / little black dirt along the mattress, furniture, or shirt. This little black spot is the dirt from the bed bug.

Unique Facts of Termites and How To Identify the Presence of Termites in the House.

Identify the presence of termites is very important because termites you never see. Termites are closed insects, so how can we know that our house is being attacked by termites ?.

Identify the presence of termites
Identify the presence of termites

You can identify the presence of termites to see early symptoms before deciding to call a pest control expert. In fact, you can handle it yourself if you know the early symptoms of termite attack and still in a mild damage. If you want to identify the presence of termites, here are the things to note.

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Winged Termites as an Alternative Bird Feeds?

Bird enthusiasts and ranchers looking for alternative bird feeds are influenced by various reasons including nutrition supplement, nutritional source variation, easy access, competitive prices, and so on.

Alternative bird feeds
Alternative bird feeds

The scarcity of natural feed and accompanied by the rising price of extra food makes some birds chirping lover difficult to meet the needs of her domestic birds at home. They started looking for a variety of alternative bird feed. But birds chirping lover on the worry whether this can affect the performance of bird sounds, how the impact of his health on birds, and so on.

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