Alternative Protein Sources for Milk Allergic Children

One food ingredient that can cause allergies to you or your child is cow’s milk. We increasingly hear cases of cow’s milk allergy as the consumption of cow’s milk increases. Parents use the most cow’s milk to replace the role of breast milk. Therefore you should look for alternative protein sources for milk allergic children.

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Alternative Protein Sources for Peanut Allergies

Some food ingredients can cause allergies in children. Peanuts can be one source that causes allergies in children. If a child has peanut allergies, we need to find alternative protein sources for peanut allergies.

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Baby Room Design that Creates Stimulation

We should make a baby room design that creates stimulation for our baby. We know that growing children will need positive things. So, we must be able to provide comfort and create stimulation in the design of the nursery.

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Effect of Wall Paint Colors on Rooms in Children

We need to consider choosing colors because of the effect of wall paint colors on rooms in children. Often parents do not give color choices to children to paint the walls of their rooms. So that the child will be passive to accept that decision. Or parents follow local traditions in choosing the wall paint color on the children’s room. Now in this article we will find out the effect of wall paint colors on rooms in children.

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Components and How Hearing Aids Work

Hearing aids can be used as an alternative to overcome some types of hearing loss. To understand how hearing aids work we need to know the components that makeup and the working principle. By knowing how hearing aids work, we will understand the health value and reduce the bad effects of noise. Hearing aids work to help people with hearing loss from the various medical side.

hearing aids work
hearing aids work

The conductive hearing loss does not always require hearing aids as it medically can heal. Hearing aids work to help overcome this type of hearing loss in a few cases. Medical rarely able to overcome the sufferer Sensorineural hearing loss. Hearing aids work to help this type of patient.

Patients with Mixed Hearing Loss also need help from hearing aids.

In the previous article, we already know that the noise that hits the ear in a long time can cause hearing loss. ( See How to Prevent Hearing Loss in Children?) . Cases that often occur in adolescence is the result of adolescents like to play online games with a loud voice for example and the impact of low-quality equipment. At this stage, we will learn how the hearing aid works to help people with hearing loss.

Hearing aids work with the following working principles:

The sound source raises the voice frequency that is the input received by the mic. Mic changes the sound frequency from sound signals to electrical signals and continues the process in Amplifier. Amplifiers process the electrical signals by filtering out the sound of conversations and noise. This amplifier will clarify the speech sound signals and minimize the noise signal.

Signals that have been processed by the amplifier will continue to be processed by the receiver. The receiver converts the electrical signal into an enlarged and clean sound. The receiver is the earphone-shaped speaker as the output. The receiver’s sound is the same as the sound source.

Components that Support Hearing Aids Work

In summary, the components of hearing aid include:


The resistor is an inhibiting electronics component with Ohm unit. Mixtures of carbon or graphite carbon and ceramic are the ingredients for creating receptor elements.


The capacitor is a component consisting of two metal plates separated by an isolator with a Farad unit. This capacitor receives electrical signals and stores them in relative time. The isolator on this capacitor shows the name of the capacitor.

IC (Integrated Circuit)

IC is a combination of several electronic components in united in the form of chips. Semiconductor material is a combination of resistors, capacitors, diodes and integrated transistors are materials to make Integrated Circuit.


The potentiometer is a resistor whose resistance value can be changed by rotating the available shaft. Potentiometers are used to control the volume of various audio equipment.


A battery is a device that supplies electrical energy through a chemical process.

Mic (Microphone)

The microphone is a transducer that detects voice signals and produces electrical signals. When the microphone receives a sound signal, the sound signal vibrates the membrane as a result of the small wire coil that lies behind the membrane vibrating. A small permanent magnet creates a magnetic field that will surround the wire coil. The movement of small wire coils in the magnetic field will result in the formation of electrical signals.


Speakers or loudspeakers are transducers that convert electrical signals to audio (sound) by vibrating their membrane-shaped components. Speakers carry electrical signals and turn them back into vibrations to create sound waves. Diaphragms and Magnets are important elements in the speaker system.


A switch is a device to disconnect the power grid or to connect it.

LED (Light Emitting Diode)

LEDs are diode type electronic components capable of emitting light.

Be careful, Hearing Loss at a Young Age Can Happen ..!

Hearing loss at a young age can affect teenagers who are not concerned about the environment. In addition to rare, teens rarely complain about hearing so that hearing loss at a young age rarely arise.

Why are parents ignorant of the threat of hearing loss problems in their children? Hearing lost in children or adolescents often occurs unnoticed by parents. This is because in general, hearing loss occurs due to Presbycusis factor.

hearing loss at a young age
hearing loss at a young age

Presbycusis occurs in the elderly. Presbycusis is a hearing loss of neural sensors in the elderly due to the process of degeneration of the hearing organ that occurs slowly. Hearing loss due to presbicusis factor occurs symmetrically on both sides of the ear and can not be cured. Hearing Aids can help people with age-related hearing loss Presbycusis this type. will display the article in the future. Parents need to pay particular attention to preventing hearing loss in children and adolescents.

Hearing Loss at Young Ages Due to Exceeding Limit Sound.

Hearing loss in children or adolescents can occur due to sounds that exceed the hearing limit. The sounds we hear are vibrations of sound source objects that vibrate the air around them and through the air medium, the sound travels to our eardrums. Sound is the movement of waves in the air. The sound source converts the nearest particle from a stationary position to a moving particle. The energy contained in sound can increase rapidly and can travel a great distance.

Hearing lost in young age, children or adolescents can occur due to sounds that are too long received ear, in addition to exceeding the hearing limit. Most parents do not care about seeing her children and her peers who always wear earphones in plenty of time. Earphones or headphones become a faithful companion for teenagers as well as adults. Many equipment that utilizes voice features to maximize the satisfaction of consumers, such as television, car audio, home theater, computer games, mobile phones and others. Some additional equipment such as sirens, exhausts have an extra loud sound.

Actually there is another side of technological developments that cause negative effects, one of which the effect on hearing loss. Many of these devices have poor quality. Poor audio equipment quality can also be one of the contributory factors of hearing loss

Hearing Loss at Young Ages – Noise Induce Hearing Lost (NIHL).

The most common hearing loss due to the effects of technological development is Noise Induce Hearing Lost (NIHL). People are too engrossed to play new games on the computer for example, often forget the noise is too noisy. Who is the most enthusiastic about technological development? Yeah, right, young generation. Children and adolescents suffer from hearing loss if the use of modern equipment is not suitable for their capacity or exceeds a safe range in use.

A simple method to prevent your children from hearing loss Noise Induce Hearing Lost (NIHL) is paying attention to the use of modern equipment. You must limit the time of use of the equipment and the intensity of the sound (volume). Choose audio equipment that has good quality.