Recognizing the Symptoms of Gluten Intolerance

Why do we need to recognize the symptoms of Gluten intolerance? We need to recognize Gluten intolerance symptoms because often we don’t realize it. If we do not realize the appearance of these symptoms for a long time, it can interfere with our health. Therefore, we need to pay attention and recognize the symptoms of Gluten intolerance.

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Canna as an Alternative to Gluten Intolerance

We can develop canna as an alternative to gluten intolerance. Canna (Canna edulis) or Queensland arrowroot is one of the types of yams that spread in the South American region, to Asia, especially Indonesia. These tubers have two types, namely white canna, and red canna. Generally, these tubers are an alternative to the main food ingredients. This is because canna contains high carbohydrates.

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