Hair Loss and Causes of Baldness

You do not need to worry about hair loss because it does not mean the causes of baldness. Losing 50-100 strands of hair per day does not cause problems because new hair will grow. If a lot of hair loss is not accompanied by the growth of new hair then this is the causes of baldness. The causes of baldness are when the scar tissue replaces the damaged hair follicles.

Causes of Baldness
Hair Loss and Causes of Baldness

What are the causes of balding head?
Some factors may be the cause of balding head. We will discuss it in order to prevent and reduce baldness factor. You can also cope permanently with hair transplant. Hair transplant is a technique of removing hair from areas with sufficient hair to head areas that experience baldness from the same person. In general, the head region with the thickest hair and relatively no baldness process is the back, so often the area they will be used as a donor.
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