Quail Eggs Satay with Sesame Sauce

Many recipes for quail eggs and quail meat. You can even include quail eggs in your favorite recipes.

Quail egg satay
Quail egg satay

Children will love the cuisine of quail eggs because of its small shape. One of the dishes that include quail eggs as the main ingredient is satay.

Satay is one of the recipes of cuisine from the East is popular and easy to do. Foodstuffs cooked with sticks with bamboo or iron. How to cook satay by burning ingredients. You can burn groceries in various ways. Here is recipe Satay quail eggs and quail meat for 15 skewers.
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Why Pregnant Women Difficult to Sleep? How to Solve it?

The condition of pregnant women difficult to sleep is common. Many factors that cause pregnant women difficult to sleep. In the long run, these events can affect the development of the fetus and maternal health. Factors that cause pregnant women difficult to sleep should be in carefully because each case will be different. And often not just one cause. The husband should be wise and help the efforts of a pregnant wife.

pregnant women difficult to sleep
Pregnant Mom difficult to sleep

In 1 to 3 months of pregnancy, the placenta (the organ that nourishes the fetus until birth) is formed, the body produces more blood, and the heart pumps faster. Pregnant women generally sleep longer than usual during the first trimester of pregnancy. This is because, during work and daily activities, the mother must also protect and care for the developing baby. But when pregnancy enters the second trimester, most pregnant women have trouble getting deep sleep.
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Early Childhood Education Programs

Children need early childhood education before basic education. Early childhood education has goals for children from birth. Guidance on early childhood education to foster physical and mental development in order to be ready to enter the next education.

The first phase of a child’s life is when the child is the first 6 years of life. This phase is the most important phase because it has an influence on the formation of child’s personality formation. Whatever is imprinted in the thinking of the child in this phase, its effects will manifest in his personality as an adult.

early childhood education
Early childhood education

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Causes of Puffy Eyes and Healthy Ways to Get Rid of

The cause of puffy eyes may not have you know it all. In this article, we continue the previous article about the cause of puffy eyes. By knowing the cause of puffy eyes, then we can choose a healthy way to get rid of puffy eyes.

Causes of Puffy Eyes and Healthy Ways
Causes of Puffy Eyes and Healthy Ways to Get Rid of

Lifestyle Causes Puffy Eyes

Smoking and Drinking alcohol
Poor lifestyle also contributed to the occurrence of eye bags. The habit of drinking alcohol and smoking can make the veins under the eyes become more visible. Especially if not offset by eating lots of water, vegetables, and fruits.

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Causes of Puffy Eyes and How to Prevent Occurrence

The dominant cause of puffy eyes will be different for each person. Therefore every individual needs to examine the causes of puffy eyes that are most influential on her. Puffy Eyes is often referred to as panda eyes in the form of dark circles that are under the eyes. The appearance of dark circles and eye bags is due to the occurrence of swelling in the area around the eye.
Layers in the eye area are thinner, in contrast to other areas of the skin on the face. This is what makes the eye area becomes more easily swell.

cause of puffy eyes
causes of puffy eyes

By knowing the causes of Puffy Eyes, then we can choose the right way to prevent the occurrence of Puffy Eyes.
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