Benefits of Termites. Are there Benefits of Termites?

winged termites

Termites have tremendous damage to the wood furniture, books, or even the property we live in. Most of us are afraid of termites as a pest of this house. Even pest control companies continue to grow to help us fight against house pest termites.
In fact, of about 3000 species of termites, not all pests for humans. Some of them are the guardians of the ecosystem.

Really beneficial termites?. Let’s look at some of the benefits of termites from different locations of the world.
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Live Feed for Pet

crickets for pets

Crickets are generally regarded as insect pest mainly on agricultural fields. So, the crickets also included targets in the destruction of pests in agriculture. Crickets indeed are one type of insect is most often used by hobbyists and ranchers as natural feed for various types of birds, fish, sugar gliders, porcupines, and reptiles. Increasing interest in raising animals that consume crickets, the demand for crickets also increased.
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Unique Facts of Termites and How To Identify the Presence of Termites in the House.

Termites are insects that are closed, so how can we know that our homes are under attack termites? If you want to examine it, the following are things to note.

Tunnel or Small Roads.
Termite is an insect that is not resistant to direct exposure to the Sun and dry environment. Termites build roads or small tunnel made of moist soil, mud, dirt and debris with a diameter about the size of a pinkie. Termite tunnels will protect from the Sun and natural predators. The tunnel can be stand-alone or connected with structural surfaces of your home, and the tunnel serves as the line back and forth from the ground to the food source. The tunnel of mud may disappear into cracks in the rock and the pair can be found also around the door and the frame of a window or along the boards.
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Winged Termites as an Alternative Bird Feed?

Scarcity of natural feed and with the rising price of extra food makes a lover of birdsong difficult meet the needs of pet birds at home. They began to look for alternative feed. But lovers of birdsong hampered by concerns about whether this could affect the performance of the sound of birds, how it impacts the health of birds, and so on.

Almost all types of insects have nutrients that can be utilized. Our ancestors had always been made of insects as alternative food. It’s been done before they know the techniques of hunting and farming. Currently, more than 1000 species of insects can be eaten by humans in various countries. People in specific areas used to make a dish made from raw of grasshoppers, caterpillars teak, cricket ground and winged termites.
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The Identification of Pests on Your Home as a Pest Control Measures.

The Difference of Termites and Ants.
The Identification of Pests on Your Home as a Pest Control Measures.

Most of us never see the termites. Body shape termites often look like ants so that it is often too late to detect when the damage to the House is already happening. Termites are known as white ants by some people. This often creates confusion in distinguishing between termites and ants. However, the most striking difference between termites and the ants are a termite has a waist that is much thicker compared to ants.
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