How to Care for Agricultural Sprayers to Last Long

Farmers and planters need to know how to care for agricultural sprayers to last long. This is because farmers need sprayers or spray tanks as agricultural tools. Farmers and planters use agricultural sprayers to spray plant pests and leaf fertilizers. By having this tool, farmers become easier to carry out their activities.

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Use Pesticides from the Kitchen Spices

Farmers in urban farming always want plants to survive pests and diseases. Actually, farmers and planters can control pest attacks in various ways. And it turns out we can make pesticides from kitchen spices. This is certainly interesting for all of us. Pesticides from kitchen spices are ingredients that we easily get. This means that we will easily get the basic ingredients to make pesticides.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Pesticides from Kitchen Spices

Farmers and planters must have creative thinking to improve agricultural yields and prevent possible losses. Planters must also be able to combine community trends with healthy products. Farmers prevent losses from pest attacks with various types of pesticides according to pests and the level of attack. One easy way to prevent pest attacks is with pesticides from our kitchen ingredients. But we must know the advantages and disadvantages of using pesticides from kitchen spices.

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Garlic Can Be a Pesticide?

Many of us in the city have a small garden beside or behind the house. We certainly always expect our garden to survive from pest attacks until harvest. But if pests attack, we must also prepare. You do not need to worry because there are those who tell that garlic can be a pesticide.

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