Exercises to Build Sixpack Abdominal Muscles (2)

Exercises to build sixpack abdominal muscles have been written in the first part. But before we begin discussing the movements of exercises to build sixpack abdominal muscles (2), let’s understand more first with our abdominal muscles.

Basically, we can classify the abdominal muscles into 4 parts; Rectus abdominis, External obliques, Internal obliques, and Transversus abdominis. This rectus abdominis is then often called the sixpack muscle. Besides this sixpack muscle lies the external muscle and internal obliques. Abdominal muscle transverses are the deepest muscles, their position under the internal obliques. This muscle has an important role to make the stomach look flat.

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Exercises to Build Sixpack Abdominal Muscles (1)

The men want a sixpack shape when seen, so they need exercises to build sixpack abdominal muscles. The form of sixpack stomach shows fitness and virility. An exercise program to build sixpack abdominal muscles requires patience and regularity.

There are various techniques to build sixpack abdominal muscles that can be used. We can take the training program provided by the gym and the exercise program that we created ourselves at home. We must do exercises to build sixpack abdominal muscles consistently and routinely to the limits of our abilities. This is so that our bodies do not suffer injuries and make our practice useless.

You need to rest your body for a while before changing training techniques. This article is divided into several articles. You can continue clicking Exercises to Build Sixpack Abdominal Muscles (2) to see the next exercise.

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Is it True that Irregular Exercise Causes Pain?

Many people do irregular exercise. Lifestyle and daily rhythms that change quickly affect irregular exercise. This irregular exercise will be detrimental to health. Sports will make the body fit. You need to remember that exercise without proper physical exercise guidelines will actually harm your health. If you do high intensity for a long time, physical exercise results in tissue damage.

irregular exercise
irregular exercise

An hour after exercise the permeability level of the cell membrane increases sharply. After exercise and cooling, blood lactic acid (ALD) levels increased by 59%. Increased ALD will cause permeability (permeability rate) of the increased cell membrane. The effects of such processes are those materials that normally do not pass through cell membranes to free in and out of the cell. Traffic arrangement of substances from outside and inside the cell becomes uncontrolled resulting in network damage. If you increase the intensity of physical exercise, there will be more reactive oxidant compounds. You need to remember that our bodies cannot neutralize many reactive oxidant compounds.

Irregular exercise Increases Network Damage

This tissue damage is seen from increased levels of the enzyme Creatine Phosphokinase (CPK) and Lactic Dehydrogenase (LDH). These two enzymes are a sign of cell membrane breakdown. These enzymes will begin to increase in the fifth minute after undergoing physical exercise. The levels of these enzymes will continue to increase until 60 minutes. In aerobic exercise, these enzymes increase only by 20-36% at 60 minutes. In anaerobic exercise, these enzymes increase by 60%.

This suggests that cell membrane permeability rates are very high after physical exercise. The higher the intensity of physical exercise, the higher the SOR production the more severe the damage to the network. The enzymes that mark the destruction of these tissues are most commonly found in muscles. You can find CPK (Creatine Phosphokinase) in skeletal muscles, while LDH can be found in the heart and skeletal muscles.

Actually, a high physical exercise load will stimulate skeletal muscle cells. This will also stimulate the antioxidant system in fast and slow type muscles. The more trained one, the higher the response and the capacity of the antioxidant enzyme. You should pay attention to the main problem that is how to set up an exercise program. You should develop an exercise program that can improve the physical condition and capabilities of the anti-oxidant system without causing tissue damage.

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