How to Prevent Hearing Loss in Children?

You already know that children or teens can suffer from hearing loss from previous articles in “Beware, Hearing Loss Can Happen to Teens ..!“. The main component to note is the time and amount of sound intensity received by the ears of our children.

Toys: Prevent Hearing Loss

The ear is a sensory device that has the function of hearing the sounds around you so you can identify its existence. The ear is able to capture the vibrations of sound from the environment and turn it into an impulse in the nervous system and then translated by the brain.
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Be Careful, Hearing Loss Can Occur at Young Age ..!

the contributory factors of hearing lost in children

Why are parents ignorant of the threat of hearing loss problems in their children? Hearing lost in children or adolescents often occurs unnoticed by parents. This is because in general, hearing loss occurs due to Presbycusis factor. Presbycusis occurs in the elderly. Presbycusis is a hearing loss of neural sensors in the elderly due to the process of degeneration of the hearing organ that occurs slowly. Presbycusis occur symmetrically on both sides of the ear and can not be cured. Hearing Aids can help people with age-related hearing loss Presbycusis this type. will display the article in the future. Hearing loss in children and adolescents requires special attention of parents to prevent it.

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Agricultural Land Changes to Critical Land

Critical Land

Agricultural land can turn into a critical land. Knowledge of this critical land is beneficial to support the cultivation of plants in our garden. We will encounter greater obstacles when meeting this critical land than fertile land. How did the critical land occur? In essence, critical land occurs due to the continuous decline in land productivity. The decrease in soil productivity is caused by decreased soil fertility.
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Review of Earthquake Resistant Building Structure

In order to become a building that is resistant to earthquake then the structure of the building needs to be considered. As in the review, this structure will discuss Footings, columns/ post, roofs, and walls.

Earthquake: Building Resistant

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Architecture Overview of Earthquake Resistant Buildings

Our previous writings have examined the damage to buildings caused by earthquakes. We have also studied the concept of the simple earthquake-resistant building. This is important for people living in earthquake-prone areas.

Earthquake-Resistent Building

Simple earthquake-resistant residential buildings in an architectural review include three things: the discussion of design, roof and wall building openings.
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The Building Concept of the Simple Home Living that Earthquake Resistant

Simple residential building earthquake-resistant is very useful for residents who live in earthquake areas. An earthquake caused by several causes is not discussed on this page but is discussed in another page at Countries with middle-income inhabitants desperately need the concept of simple earthquake-resistant residential buildings.
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Buildings Damage Caused by Earthquakes

Strong earthquakes can cause damaged facilities and infrastructure. Some scientific studies concluded that the damage to buildings by the earthquake occurred in many residential buildings inhabited by people with middle to lower income. The damage encountered can be either one or a combination of damage to the roof, walls, and foundations.
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Vlogging Tips on Youtube for Beginners

Vlogging on YouTube

Vlogging on YouTube became one of the popular communications media in the present era. The person uploading the video has a variety of purposes and contents, among other things, about the equipment/machine manual, office transparency, entertainment and even used to earn additional income.
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