Causes of Termites Attacking the Door Frame

Most of us already know termites, we have even written in previous articles. Often termites attack our homes without realizing beforehand. We know when the damage to our house is very severe. We must be aware of termite attacks. Well, here we will discuss the causes of termites attacking the door frame.

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Why Choose Teak Wood Furniture?

We often have to choose the type of wood in the furniture we are going to buy. Wood furniture has a relatively wide variant in using wood. Many people suggest choosing teak wood furniture, but some suggest other wood. So, what exactly is the reason we choose teak wood furniture?

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Identify Pests in Your Home as a Pest Control Measure.

You should periodically identify pests in your home to anticipate the impact of the geographical location of the house and changes in the home ecosystem.
Identify pests in your home is a step to pest control your home. Changes in summer, for example, will affect the habitat of pests which will then affect the dominance of pests in your home.

identify pests in your home
identify pests in your home

Why do you need identify pests in your home? How much is the effect of pests on our homes?

Identify pests in your home as a pest control measure has many functions, even becoming very important for the house in the affected area. The functions of pest identification in the house are as follows.
Prevent damage to furniture and household appliances made of wood.
Disturbing the comfort of the house because of the smell that is caused and dirty.
Disturbing health for contaminating food and drink.
Prevents damage to building structures and decreases in home values.

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