Easy Ways to Take Care of Natural Stones To Stay Long and Beautiful

We care for natural stones to keep displaying their beauty at all times. Although natural stone is a strong natural ingredient, we still need to take care of it. We need an easy way to take care of natural stones because without adequate maintenance natural stones will be bleak and quickly damaged.

Natural stone faces several problems that make it bleak and damaged quickly. We need an easy way to take care of natural stones to overcome these problems. Some problems with natural stones, among others,

Mossy Stone: Mossy stones generally occur in rocks that are installed as exterior elements or in humid environments.

Black Stained Stone: Black stains on natural stones often occur in natural stones that have a smooth texture.

Dewy Stone: The stone is dewy due to a coating process that is not in accordance with the procedure. Show runny: Often found in the arrangement of natural stone out of the flow that is similar to a waterfall, but has dried up.

Coating Exfoliates: The peeling coating layer can be caused by a coating that is too thick and from dust when coating.

Loose Stone: Poor installation and cement mixture that does not meet the standards is the main cause of loose natural stone.

Easy Ways to Take Care of Natural Stones

Frequently Cleaning Dust and Dirt.

You should often clean natural stones from dust and dirt. Natural stone on the exterior installation of the house must be dusty fast. Dust that accumulates will become a medium for moss, fungi and other bacteria to develop. You can clean it by spraying it with high-pressure water. Clean natural stones, including in rock cracks, from top to bottom. Spraying with high-pressure water will speed up eroding dust and dirt.

Brush with a cleaning solution.

If dirt sticks to the surface of natural stones are difficult to lose with water spray, then you should brush the dirt. You can use a cleaning solution or washing soap to speed up cleaning dirt. In addition to the stone surface, you should also brush the gaps that are difficult to reach. Use a small brush to reach small gaps. After finishing brushing with soap, you can rinse it with water until it’s clean.

Natural Stone Coating to Facilitate Treatment.

We do natural stone coatings to coat the stone so that its beauty is maintained. This coating can facilitate maintenance because the natural pores and surface of the stone are closed. If the pores of natural stones are closed, it prevents water from seeping. Natural stones dry faster and avoid black spots, bacteria, and moss. The coating process can be repeated periodically or if the coating has been worn or damaged. Coatings on natural stone adjust the type of natural stone that will be given protection and its purpose.

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