The Cause of Puffy Eyes and How to Prevent Occurrence.

The dominant cause of puffy eyes will be different for each person. Therefore every individual needs to examine the cause of the dominant puffy eyes against him. Puffy Eyes is often referred to as panda eyes in the form of dark circles that are under the eyes. The appearance of dark circles and eye bags is due to the occurrence of swelling in the area around the eye.  

cause of puffy eyes
cause of puffy eyes

Layers in the eye area are thinner, in contrast to other areas of the skin on the face. This is what makes the eye area becomes more easily swell. By knowing the causes of Puffy Eyes, then we can choose the right way to prevent Puffy Eyes.

Causes of Puffy Eyes and Simple Precautions

The following are some of the causes of panda eyes.

Lack of sleep.

One of the most common causes of Puffy Eyes that can appear in the area around your eyes is sleep deprivation. Indeed most people who like to stay up late will have Puffy Eyes. Should avoid sleeping too late.

Rubbed his eyes.

This habit often occurs in women and men. Most people rub their eyes because they feel that after rubbed, the eyes become more relaxed so tired and sleepiness seemed to disappear for a while. But if rubbed the eyes done so often it can damage the small capillaries in the eye area and arise a dark circle. This happens because of the pressure of the fingers that will stimulate the production of melanin which can change the color of skin pigment to dark.

Makeup Factor

Removes makeup too hard.

Using makeup in the eyes may help us to get an eye appealing. But the use of eye makeup sometimes makes us feel difficult to remove it so that often make an excessive emphasis around the eyes.

Use a facial cleanser that allows us to remove makeup in the waterproof eye so we do not have to press the eye with hard. Clean by giving a gentle massage on the eye area and avoid excessive pressure to avoid dark circles.

Makeup excess.

Makeup should be removed immediately so as not to cause irritation to the skin that will occur blackened area under the eyes and even become swollen.

Position the head with a flat body while sleeping.

The wrong sleeping position turns out to cause dark circles in the eye area. Sleep can cause Puffy Eyes if the head is flat with the body. Therefore, position the head higher than the foot so that body fluid becomes smoothly so it does not accumulate into Puffy Eyes.

Lazy use sunscreen and do not protect the area under the eyes.

The use of sunscreen is very important for skin health. Skin is protected from UV rays can reduce the negative effects that can cause the area under the eyes to be darker. For that, choose a sunscreen that can be used in the area under the eyes. But be careful when you want to use it, do not get too close to the eyes in because it can cause irritation.

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