The Causes of Pet Birds do not Want to Lay Their Eggs

One of the problems of birds is that birds do not want to lay their eggs. Many hobbyists and breeders experience it. We keep birds for many reasons, among others, beautiful voice, good shape, already rare in nature, or because of the beauty of the color of the fur. Hobbyists and bird breeders often keep birds in cages in pairs. Why birds do not want to lay their eggs?

The problem of sparrow pairing does not want to lay eggs should be searched for its cause because the possibility does not only come from one cause. Causes factor can be one or more.

Factors Birds do not want to lay their eggs

Here are the reasons birds do not want to lay their eggs. One or more of them may be causing your bird pair to not lay their eggs.

birds do not want to lay their eggs
birds do not want to lay their eggs

Both parent birds may be of the same sex: male x male, or female x female. So, make sure both the parent bird is a couple of males and females. The most common problem is the difficulty of distinguishing between male and female birds. Some bird species such as parakeets and walnuts have similarities between males and females. Often male and female birds have a singing skill. Hobbyist experts who can distinguish birds like this.

You should choose a mature parent. You may be pairing birds that have not reached the age of the adult sex, either one or both mothers. Experience people will easily see the signs of maturity birds are ready to mate, but beginners will be hard to see.

One or both birds are not ready mentally to mate. Many factors affect the mental readiness of birds. Usually occurs in male birds younger than female birds. Birds that since childhood grows in a comfortable environment will have a better mentality.

Birds are afraid or uncomfortable with disturbances in cage lighting, noisy environments, frequent people, or other dreaded animals such as cats and dogs.

Other Cause Bird Couples Do not Want to Spawn

Other important reasons include:

Birds have nutritional problems. They should not have malnutrition or excessive obesity.

Birds have hormonal disorders. This disorder can occur in female birds and male birds.

Birds in sick condition. They often do not show symptoms of pain because their instinct will cover it from the threat of predators.

Birds have physical disabilities or are hereditary.

Birds experience disturbances in the reproductive system other than hormonal factors.

Too often mated and changing partners in one season.

When it is known the causes as above then the treatment of the mother bird can be applied. Keep in mind, however, that the causes that affect your pet birds will not spawn may not be just one cause.

In some cases, such as physical disability, or not yet reached adult age, the best solution is to replace the troubled bird with a new bird.

Also, make sure the environmental conditions support the cage. Keep the cage not in a closed room, and the air temperature is cultivated relatively stable. In the cage needs to be provided nest compilers for birds encouraged to mate.

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