Things to Know Before Botox Injection

People using botox should understand the things to know before botox injection. Women and men often use botox for cosmetic purposes so botox becomes popular. The more popular then more and more people are interested in botox injection. This is where people also have to understand things to know before botox injection.

Before Botox Injection
Things to Know Before Botox Injection

At first, people use botox injections only for the treatment of cross-eyed eyes in infants and overcome the twitch on the face. Later in its development, botox has become a means to beautify the appearance (especially the face). The public began to realize the benefits of botox injections to remove wrinkles in the area of eyebrows and forehead. The Food & Drug Administration agreed that botox injections (Botulinum toxin A) could support a temporary appearance after a clinical trial in 2002.

Botox in General – Things to Know Before Botox Injection.

Botox is a Relatively Safe Procedure
People are very interested in botox injections as antiaging and cosmetic procedures. The botox doctor injects botox into the muscles that regulate facial expressions. Therefore you should find the best botox doctor to perform this botox injection procedure.
Botox is a relatively safe procedure. Botox injection has reversible properties or can return to its original position. The body can absorb and remove botox through body fluids in a matter of a few months.

Botox and Toxin
Botox is one of botulinum toxin. There are 8 types of botulinum toxin, identified with the letters A to H. Botox is another name for Botulinum Toxin A, a protein extracted from the Clostridium Botulinum bacteria. The process of protein recovery from bacteria is similar to the process of purifying proteins in other antibiotics.

Botox and Paralysis
Clostridium Botulinum bacteria produce neurotoxins which are Botulinum toxin A or botox. This neurotoxin is a substance that disrupts nerve tissue. The toxin can cause botulism, a condition of paralysis. People generally use Botulinum toxin or botox for aesthetic purposes. Injection of Botox will prevent muscles from contracting.

Botox and Wrinkles
Botox has been tested and approved to solve wrinkles problems, especially on glabellar lines, wrinkles between the eyebrows or crow’s feet, wrinkles around the eyes. The mechanism is simple. If you can not move muscles, then you can not experience wrinkles. Botox injections have an unsustainable effect, about 3-4 months.

Botox Is Not Just For Cosmetic Purposes
Patients can use botox injections to treat chronic migraine, squinty eyes, excessive sweating production, urinary incontinence and other muscle-related conditions. Botox injection has a temporary effect, usually varying between 3-10 months depending on the condition.

Medical Preparation Step – Things to Know Before Botox Injection.

Choosing the Best Botox Doctor
Botox injection is not the same as doing manicure or pedicure. Botox injection is a medical procedure so it should be the best and trained professional botox doctor. Doctors who handle must be experienced and experienced. If the injection, the face can become asymmetrical, the mouth becomes oblique, eyebrows too up and so on.

Do Aesthetic Clinical Research.
If you want to perform a botox injection procedure you should select a trusted aesthetic clinic and an experienced and certified botox / medical doctor (an expert in the field). The number of beauty clinics that offer botox injections with a variety of prices. You should not just choose based on an attractive price. You should prioritize the process and results of botox injections.

Botox Injection Process
Botox doctors will perform the botox injection process relatively quickly and easily. Generally, the botox doctor does it only lasts in minutes and does not require anesthesia. Medics and botox doctors inject with fine needles into specific points or muscles according to the patient’s wishes. Generally very little cause pain.

Botox injections can to prevent wrinkles. This means you can do botox injections before the sharp wrinkles appear to minimize subsequent treatments. You can see botox injections after 24 – 48 hours after botox procedure.

Continuous and consistent treatment of botox injections can enhance the long-term positive effects of increasingly relaxed muscles. The lower the activity level of a muscle, the less the muscle work to produce wrinkles. In other words, the more routine you do inject botox, eating the longer the effects are also obtained from the treatment.

Botox Injection Prohibition.

Patients with neurological disease (neurological) and pregnant / breastfeeding women should not perform botox injection procedure.

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