Understanding Customer Journey to Develop Business Services Online

We need to understand customer journey to develop business services online. Prospective customers will certainly do the collection of information until the decision is taken. Companies should also consider the pattern of behavior of potential customers of products that are marketed online. Marketing companies need to understand customer journey to develop business services online.

Costumer behavior will have little different depending on the product or service we produce. However, in general, has the same basis. Customer journey has an important role in the era of digital marketing. Costumer journey is a stage done by consumers before reaching the goal of your digital marketing campaign.

In a competitive market, it is imperative that companies understand customer journeys to develop business services online. Marketing or customer service needs to provide satisfactory service or information during interaction with customers or prospective customers. This is the moment of truth. History proves that the business will stare to exist, running well, and growing if the managers are careful in managing all the interaction points associated with the customer.

Phase Customer Journey to Develop Business Services Online

Browse the Internet.

Prospective customers will seek information through internet channels, search engines, social media, forums, comments, articles, and others. The focus of digital marketing is to get clicks from web ads, article content, social media to the landing page of the product or company. Web free-technews.info is one media web publisher that can help potential customers to landing page advertiser company.


Consumers click on ads or content will reach the landing page/goal page. The online business service marketer must create an attractive display of ads when viewed on articles/content that match the products on offer. At this stage, the marketer must create interest and interaction between the consumer and the product through the mediation of the page.


Consumers perform this action after gradual through the above stages. The purpose of the marketer doing the digital marketing campaign will be in accordance with the actions of these consumers. Companies can direct the objectives according to the concept of marketing that has been prepared such as purchases/transactions, online business application subscriptions, subscribe web business services, subscribe newsletter and so on depending on their respective objectives.

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