Unique Facts of Termites and How To Identify the Presence of Termites in the House.

Identify the presence of termites is very important because termites you never see. Termites are closed insects, so how can we know that our house is being attacked by termites ?.

Identify the presence of termites
Identify the presence of termites

You can identify the presence of termites to see early symptoms before deciding to call a pest control expert. In fact, you can handle it yourself if you know the early symptoms of termite attack and still in a mild damage. If you want to identify the presence of termites, here are the things to note.

The Unique Facts of Termites that Need Attention.

Tunnel or Small Roads.

Termite is an insect that is not resistant to direct exposure to the Sun and dry environment. Termites build roads or small tunnel made of moist soil, mud, dirt, and debris with a diameter about the size of a pinkie. Termite tunnels will protect from the Sun and natural predators. The tunnel can be stand-alone or connected with structural surfaces of your home, and the tunnel serves as the line back and forth from the ground to the food source. The tunnel of mud may disappear into cracks in the rock and the pair can be found also around the door and the frame of a window or along the boards.

A crowd of winged termites.

Winged termites will be clustered under the lights in warm conditions after rain. This type of termite possibilities quickly disappeared after discovering her partner and let go of its wings. If you find the existence of a set of wings, it is a sign of termite appears to fly. The event only lasts for a few minutes, so most likely you only see wings that they leave behind. When you see a crowd of wings apart, the best move is to immediately do the spraying of insecticides.

Termite droppings.

Wood termites often leave rough dirt brown after eating wood. These impurities usually found under logs encroach. Many cases, dirt or ‘mud’ of termites buried in the wood and form a protective environment that holds the air humidity. This causes the wood to swell, making it hard to open or close the doors and windows.

Damaged in the wood.

Termites eat wood inside so that the damaged wood is difficult to view. You can investigate the wooden beams, wooden walls and floors that sounded hollow, and look for patterns like a beehive. When you knock on the wooden area or press attacked the termites, then it will sound hollow or felt thin because most (or all) content of the wood has been eaten by termites.

Every sign indicates that your House had termites. You may not notice the presence of termites at all and did not notice any damage to any furniture and home. But you bear a huge mistake by assuming that you are free from termites. Especially if your House is located in the zone of the threat. Some unique facts following the termites will make us pay attention.

Termites are working all the time.

Termites never rested all his life. Termites-termite the average worker has a lifespan of 2 years and worked nonstop in turns undermines property, furniture and wooden items in your home.

Termites Queen lays eggs throughout her life.

Queen of termites is the highest in the hierarchy of termites colony. This is what the Queen lays eggs and incubate the eggs for reproducing the termite colony-termite. This termites Queen spawns about every 15 seconds throughout his life.

Termite is this important in forest ecosystems.

Termites can decipher the fiber plant, recycling the tree is dead and rotting into the new land. In ecosystems, insects that become a pest in the House-this House was instrumental in maintaining the fertility of our forests.

Silent Destroyer.

Termites called ‘ silent destroyer ‘ because these termites eat and destroy the roof framework, furniture, and items in your house made of wood discreetly. Your property looks good but when you do a more detailed examination it turned out termites have been undermined in part that is not visible to the eye.

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