Use Pesticides from the Kitchen Spices

Farmers in urban farming always want plants to survive pests and diseases. Actually, farmers and planters can control pest attacks in various ways. And it turns out we can make pesticides from kitchen spices. This is certainly interesting for all of us. Pesticides from kitchen spices are ingredients that we easily get. This means that we will easily get the basic ingredients to make pesticides.

Pesticides from kitchen spices may be sourced from areas far from us. Pesticides from kitchen spices can also come from kitchen spices that we never use in daily cooking. This is because kitchen spices can include many types of plants or processed products from plants and animals.

Generally, pesticides from kitchen spices use herbs that have a distinctive taste and strong odor. We can pay attention and look for spices from tropical regions, for example, Indonesia. This is because the kitchen spices of the tropics have a wide variety and strong flavoring functions.

Advantages if We Use Pesticides from the Kitchen Spices.

Each active ingredient in pesticides has its own advantages. If we use pesticides from the kitchen spices, it is easy to get the ingredients and many other advantages. By understanding the advantages of each pesticide, we can use it efficiently. We can adjust to the situation we face.

Pesticides from kitchens have material properties that break down easily into other forms. So pesticides from the kitchen spices are more environmentally friendly. Often pesticides from the kitchen do not have poison to humans. The effects of poisons only have functions on pests, diseases, and fungi in plants. So we can use these pesticides safely. We can use it more often in the rainy season, for example, or use close to the harvest period.

Pesticide residues from kitchen ingredients have relatively short resistance. This will make the crop safe for consumption. Plant yields are also relatively unaffected in taste, shape, color, and appearance. Pesticides from ingredients sourced from the kitchen can be done by farmers and plant hobbyists themselves. This will reduce the costs incurred by planters. Pesticides from the kitchen can save garden maintenance funds.

If we use pesticides from the kitchen, it will not cause resistance to pests. This is because plant pests and diseases have a tendency towards host plants and environmental resistance. This condition is much in demand by farmers who develop integrated pest control concepts. In some regions, agricultural products with concepts like this have higher economic value. Consumers tend to prefer these agricultural products.

Effects of Pesticides from the Kitchen on Pests and Plant Diseases.

The kitchen pesticide raw material certainly comes from ingredients in the kitchen in the form of spices, processed plants, crops, or other materials related to the kitchen such as dish soap. We can use pesticides from the kitchen because they have active ingredients that affect pests in various ways. These materials can affect as, repellent, antifeedant, growth regulator, attractant and others.

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