How to Wash the Leather Jacket Correctly

We must know how to wash the leather jacket correctly. This is useful to keep our skin jacket comfortable, pleasing to the eye, and durable. You need to wash your jacket when a lot of dirt sticks. If you don’t wash, your leather jackets will be stiff, faded and damaged. However, if you wash it wrong, it will damage your leather jacket. Therefore, make sure that you have done the right way to wash the leather jacket.

Washing a leather jacket is different from washing ordinary clothes. You cannot use a washing machine, drying machine, and soak a leather jacket. If you do this, it will damage the skin layer. Now, how to wash the leather jacket correctly, you can read this article to the end.

Steps to Wash Leather Jacket Correctly.

Here are the steps for washing the leather jacket correctly. You can follow the directions to completion. You should pay close attention to getting the benefits.

Prepare Equipment and Materials for Washing.

You prepare warm water, soft soap, for example, baby soap, baby shampoo, olive oil soap. You also need to prepare equipment such as soft, clean cloth and dry towels.

You make a soft soap solution from baby shampoo. Simple, this is how to make it. Put enough soft soap or baby shampoo into warm water. You can add conditioner to make the alkaline soap solution come down.

Test Solution for Washing Soap and Leather Jackets.

Before starting to wash the entire jacket, you should test the color of the jacket and the washing solution. You can apply it to the hidden part, for example, the bottom of the collar.

You wipe the soap solution. If you see the color fade, then you should stop the process of washing the leather jacket using the soap. You can continue using only warm water.

Washing the Leather Jacket Correctly

Note how to wash the leather jacket correctly. You can start washing the leather jacket by wiping it. Place the jacket on a flat place or you can choose to hang it. You wet the cloth or dip the cloth in a soap solution and squeeze the water. Instead, you measure the rag not too wet.

You can start the washing process by gently wiping the leather jacket with soapy water. Dip the cloth and squeeze the water. You need to pay attention to the cloth used should not be too wet, just damp enough. How to wipe a one-way leather jacket, you should adjust the flow of the skin.

Then, rinse the jacket from the remaining soapy water until it is clean. The method is the same as when using soapy water, but you use clean water. You must make sure there is no residual soapy water. If you leave the remaining soapy water it will dry your jacket and finally peel off. In wiping, you should not use a cloth that is too wet. This is to prevent water from entering the pores of the leather jacket and causing more damage.

Drying a leather jacket.

Dry the jacket using a dry towel. You have to press gently. After that, wind the leather jacket. You should not hang out under the hot sun because it will dry the skin.

Make sure your leather jacket is completely dry before storing. If you store it in damp conditions, it will give a chance to grow mushrooms. Cabinets for storing leather jackets also need to be in dry conditions. Thus, your leather jacket does not become dull due to mold.

You can also dry the rainy leather jacket in the same way as above. Similarly, how to wash the leather jacket correctly. Hopefully, it can help you take good care.

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